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Isabel Avenal b. 1143 d. 1234

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Lineage Avenal
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Isabel Avenal

Richard Avenal [Avenal] b. 1117 d. 1180

Sibyl ? (de Avenal) [?] b. 1120 d. 1170


1143 birth: Edinburgh (Scotland)

child birth: Isabel Fitzwilliam (de Avenal) [Avenal]

1234 death: Stirling (Scotland), Stirlingshire, Stirling Castle

From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard Avenal
birth: 1117, Sandhurst (Gloucestershire), England
death: 1180, Edinburgh (Scotland)
Sibyl ? (de Avenal)
birth: 1120, Stirling (Scotland)
death: 1170, Stirling (Scotland)
== 2 ==
William I Huntingdon (of Scotland)
birth: about 1143
title: from 1152 - 1157, Earl of Northumbria
title: from 1165 - 1174, Earl of Huntingdon
title: from 1165 - 1214, King of Scots
death: 4 December 1214, Stirling (Scotland), Stirling Caslte
Isabel Avenal
birth: 1143, Edinburgh (Scotland)
death: 1234, Stirling (Scotland), Stirlingshire, Stirling Castle
== 2 ==
Alexander van Schotland
birth: 24 August 1198
marriage: Johanna van Engeland
marriage: Мarie de Coucy
death: 8 July 1249
burial: Мелроуз, Шотландия, Melrose Abbey
William Helmsey Ross
birth: Hamlake Castle Yorkshire England
death: 1265
Robert Belvoir (Ross)
birth: 1223, Helmsley (England), Yorkshire (England), Hamlake Castle, now known as "Helmsley Castle"
death: 13 May 1285

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