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Patricia Dryden (Jarrells) b. 24 April 1948

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Lineage Dryden
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Patricia Dryden
Other last names Jarrells
Other given names Pat

Lorin Wesley Dryden [Dryden] b. 9 January 1924

Belva Viola Huffacker (Dryden) [Dryden] b. 21 July 1929


24 April 1948 birth: Dayton (Ohio)

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ethel Norma Spicer (Dryden)
birth: 23 October 1895, Dayton (Ohio)
marriage: Herbert Reginald Dryden
Carl Lee Roy Dryden (Radke)
birth: 9 May 1913, Dayton (Ohio)
Ethelda Faye Dryden (Izor)
birth: 9 July 1925, Dayton (Ohio)
Norman Dean Dryden
birth: 4 October 1932, Los Angeles, California
Alden Dale Dryden
birth: 4 March 1935, Los Angeles, California
Lorin Wesley Dryden
birth: 9 January 1924, Dayton (Ohio)
marriage: Belva Viola Huffacker (Dryden)
Belva Viola Huffacker (Dryden)
birth: 21 July 1929, Chattanooga (Tennessee)
marriage: Lorin Wesley Dryden
== 3 ==
Richard Dryden
birth: 28 July 1950, Dayton (Ohio)
Barbara Dryden (Waldenmeier)
birth: 23 October 1960, Dayton (Ohio)
Patricia Dryden (Jarrells)
birth: 24 April 1948, Dayton (Ohio)
== 3 ==

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