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Hugh IV de Lusignan b. 985 d. 1026

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Lineage Lusignan
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Hugh IV de Lusignan

Arsendis de Planta-velu [Plantard]

w Hugh III Le Brun de Lusignan [Lusignan] b. about 948 d. 1012

Wiki-page wikipedia:Hugh_IV_of_Lusignan


985 birth:

child birth: Rorgo [Lusignan]

from 1012 - 1126 property: seigneur de Lusignan

1026 death:

1060 child birth: Hugh V Le Debonnaire (de Lusignan) [Lusignan] b. 1060


That the Sieurs d'Lusignan were appointed Kings of Jerusalem during the Crusades was not an accident. They were of Saracen descent.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Hugh II Albus (de Lusignan)
birth: about 910
property: seigneur de Lusignan
death: 967
Hugh III Le Brun de Lusignan
birth: about 948
property: seigneur de Lusignan
property: Seigneur de la Marche
death: 1012
== 3 ==
Jean I de Razes (Plantard)
birth: 969
death: 1020
Hugh IV de Lusignan
birth: 985
property: from 1012 - 1126, seigneur de Lusignan
death: 1026
== 3 ==
Adelmonde de la Marche
birth: 1020
marriage: Hugh V Le Debonnaire (de Lusignan)
title: 1038
marriage: Raymond III Pons Toulouse
title: 1040, Barcelona, cathedral
title: May 1053, Comtesse de Barcelone
marriage: Ramón Berenguer I
death: 1 November 1071
Ramón Berenguer II de Barcelona
birth: 1053
title: 1076, Conde de Barcelona
marriage: Mahalta ? (Apulia, Vichard)
death: 6 December 1082
William IV Toulouse
birth: about 1040
marriage: Emmalina Mortain
death: 1094, Huéscar
Ines de Barcelone
marriage: Wigo Albon
title: 10 May 1070, Comtesse de Grévisaudan et de Briançonnais
Berenguer Ramon de Barcelone (Berenguer Ramon II)
birth: 1053
title: 1076, Comte de Barcelone
death: 1097

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