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Angus Macrory (MacKay) b. 1145 d. 1210

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Lineage MacRoy
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Angus Macrory
Other last names MacKay

Malcolm Macbeth (Mackbeth) [Macbeth] d. 23 October 1168

Gillebridesdotter [Delisle]



1145 birth: Morven, Scotland

1190 child birth: Bute, Scotland, Seamus (James) Macrory [MacRoy] b. 1190 d. 1210

1210 death: Bute, Strathclyde, Scotland


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  • Bute, Strathclyde, Scotland

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[edit] Sources

  1. Grant, Alexander, "The Province of Ross and the Kingdom of Alba" in E.J. Cowan and R. Andrew McDonald (eds.) Alba: Celtic Scotland in the Medieval Era. Tuckwell Press, East Linton, 2000; reprinted John Donald, Edinburgh, 2005. ISBN 0-85976-608-X - son of (or Áed or Eth), Mormaer of Ross, the son of Áed of Ross, this has raised further questions concerning the background of the kindred and the nature of their claims. The general consensus favours a background in Ross, and claims to the Mormaerdom; descent from the Scots royal house,
  2. Mackay, Angus. (1906). The Book of Mackay. (St Andrews University). Printed by William Rae, Wick. -
  3. McDonald, R. Andrew, Outlaws of Medieval Scotland: Challenges to the Canmore Kings, 1058–1266. Tuckwell Press, East Linton, 2003. ISBN 1-86232-236-8 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Hugh Farquarson (Macbeth, Melbaeda)
birth: before 1070
title: Thane of Cromarty
death: 1093
Gilbride Argyll
birth: 1080, Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland
death: 1164, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Malcolm Macbeth (Mackbeth)
title: between 1157 and 1168, Earl of Ross
death: 23 October 1168
== 3 ==
Angus Macrory (MacKay)
birth: 1145, Morven, Scotland
death: 1210, Bute, Strathclyde, Scotland
== 3 ==
Ragnhild Helen de L'isle (of the Isles, Dotter)
birth: about 1174, Gallaway, Wigtownshire, Scotland
marriage: Alan de Galloway (Macdonal, de Galloway Or Mac Donal, of Galloway) , Carrick Castle
death: about 1212
Seamus (James) Macrory
birth: 1190, Bute, Scotland
death: 1210, Bute, Men Skye, Strathclyde, Scotland
Miss Macdonald
birth: about 1193, Lanarkshire, Scotland
death: 13 June 1213
Thomas Macdonald
birth: about 1210, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Helen MacDonal (de Galloway, Macdonal, Galloway, de Galloway or McDonald, Galloway, Gallaway or Macdonald)
birth: about 1208, Derbyshire, England
birth: 1208, Carrick, Argyleshire, Scotland
marriage: Roger II de Quincy (de Quincy or de Leyburne)
death: after 21 November 1245, Aberdeen (Scotland), Brackley
death: 21 November 1245
burial: Aberdeen (Scotland), Brackley
Jean Macroy (Mackay, MacRay, MaCray)
birth: before 1218, Rothesay (Bute), Scotland
marriage: Maurice McRaith (Dalcassian, DalgCais)
death: 1250, Dundonald (South Ayrshire), Scotland

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