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Peder Lassen Bagge b. before 1440 d. about 1483

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Lineage Bagge
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Peder Lassen Bagge


before 1440 birth:

caste: præst

occupation: Borgmester

1480 child birth: Anne Pedersdatter Bagge [Bagge] b. 1480 d. 1556

about 1483 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Anne Jensdatter Skram (Bagges)
birth: about 1441
death: 1509
Peder Lassen Bagge
birth: before 1440
caste: præst
occupation: Borgmester
death: about 1483
== 1 ==
Jens N.
birth: about 1479
property: kоbmand i Ribe
death: 1511
Anne Pedersdatter Bagge
birth: 1480
death: 1556
Bagge Jensen From Semgard
birth: 1511
occupation: grocer/købmand/
property: Grocery store i Ribe
occupation: hospitalsforstander i Ribe(1544-1556)
occupation: Advisor i Ribe(1557-1578)
death: 24 October 1578

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