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Hildebrand Giuking

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Lineage Gepidus
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Hildebrand Giuking

Brynhild (Ernamor) ? (Skoldmo, Herskar) [?]

Gunnar Giuking (Federatus) [Gepidus] d. 437

From grandparents to grandchildren

birth: 359
death: August 406
Gibico ? (Cibalus, Gjukeborg, Valenti)
other: 329, Joined the Hunnic Confederation under Bulümar
death: after 407
Constantine (Charaton) ? (Kshatriya Khan, Aksungur)
birth: before 400
marriage: Sevira Serena
title: between 419 and 422, Akatziroi Khan
other: 420, Founter of the WHITE HUN EMPIRE.
Krimhild (Caratene) Tesaurus (Franziska, de Salii)
other: 329, Hunnic. Joined the Hunnic Confederation under Bulümar
burial: Turda Romania, The tomb of Franziska Tesaurus is the richest Gepid royal tomb found in Romania. It was discovered unmolested in 1996 while searching the Roman castle at Turda.
Etichus (Ediko) Syagrius (Skirs, Skirer, Skirus)
title: Body Guard of Attila the Hun
Gunnar Giuking (Federatus)
death: 437, Borbetomagus
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== 3 ==

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