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Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee) b. 1640 d. 1692

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Locha ?
Other last names Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee

Pride ? (Cheney, Taini - Shawnee) [?]

Taminad Munsawghe [Muscheon] b. 1620 d. 1730


1640 birth: Virginia, Stinking River, Iroquois Nation

child birth: Oo Yo Sti Otiyu ? (Wolf Clan) [Moytoy]

child birth: Moytoy I Chota (of Tainesi (Cherokee)) [Moytoy]

1658 marriage: Virginia, Shawnee Nation, Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee) [Moytoy] b. 1640 d. 1730

1692 death: Great Tellico, Tennessee, Overhills


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From grandparents to grandchildren

John Munsawghe
residence: Virginia
residence: Bradenham (Norfolk), West Bradenham
George Musso (Munsawghe)(Mosco) (de Esquiem)
residence: Falling Creek, Virginia, Original Owner of the Falling Creek Mill.
residence: 1585, Roanoke (Virginia)
Thomas (Thaminad) Munsawghe (Munshah)
birth: 1590, Falling Creek, Virginia
Pride ? (Cheney, Taini - Shawnee)
marriage count: 1630, Virginia, Stinking River, Shawnee Nation
Taminad Munsawghe
birth: 1620, Chota (Tennessee), Crockett County (Tennessee), Tennessee
death: 1730, Cherokee (Tennessee), Washington County (Tennessee), Tennessee
== 3 ==
Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee)
birth: 1640, Chota (Tennessee), Crockett County (Tennessee), Tennessee, USA
marriage: Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee) , Virginia, Shawnee Nation
death: 1730, Tennessee, USA, Cherokee Nation East
Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee)
birth: 1640, Virginia, Stinking River, Iroquois Nation
marriage: Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee) , Virginia, Shawnee Nation
death: 1692, Great Tellico, Tennessee, Overhills
== 3 ==
Quatsy ? (Tellico)
birth: 1650, Tellico, Crockett, Tennessee, USA
death: 1692, Cherokee Nation East, Tennessee, USA
Moytoy I Chota (of Tainesi (Cherokee))
occupation: between 1700 and 1730, Chief Chota
John Bowles
birth: Scotland
Moytoy II Pigeon of Tellico (of Tainesi (Cherokee))
birth: 1687, Great Tellico
death: 1760
Savanukah (Raven) Moytoy
birth: 1683, Upper Hiwassee
death: 1756, Valley Towns, Chewohe

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