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Frederik van Werl-Arnsberg b. estimated 1075 d. 1124

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Lineage Werl-Arnsberg
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Frederik van Werl-Arnsberg
Other given names de Strijdbare

Mathilde van Northeim [Northeim] b. estimated 1060

Koenraad van Werl-Arnsberg [Werl-Arnsberg] b. estimated 1047 d. 10 July 1092

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estimated 1075 birth:

1111 child birth: Ida van Werl-Arnsberg [Werl-Arnsberg] b. 1111 d. about 1150

about 1115 marriage: Adelheid van Limburg [Limburg] b. 1090 d. before 1146

1124 death:


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: w Otto van Northeim
death: about 1060
Otto van Northeim
birth: about 1020
marriage: Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
death: 11 January 1083
burial: Northeim, Nicolaaskapel
Adalbert van Werl
birth: 1002
death: after 1038
Bernhard van Werl
birth: estimated 1005
death: about 1070
Hendrik van Northeim
birth: about 1055
marriage: w Gertrud von Braunschweig
death: before 10 April 1101, Bursfelde, Bursfelde abbey
Ethelinde von Northeim
birth: about 1050
death: after 1075
Koenraad van Werl-Arnsberg
birth: estimated 1047
marriage: Mathilde van Northeim
title: 1066, Vogt des Bistums Paderborn
title: 1077, Graf von Werl-Arnsberg
death: 10 July 1092
== 3 ==
Adelheid van Limburg
birth: 1090
title: about 1115, Comtesse d'Arnsberg
marriage: Frederik van Werl-Arnsberg
title: about 1140, Comtesse de Dachau
death: before 1146
== 3 ==
Otto IV van Bentheim
birth: estimated 1140
marriage: Alveradis van Arnsberg
death: 1208
Alveradis van Arnsberg
birth: estimated 1160
marriage: Otto IV van Bentheim
death: 1230
Hendrik van Cuyk
birth: 1140
death: 1195
Everhard I van Altena
birth: about 1130, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
marriage: Adelheid van Cuyk-Arnsberg
death: 23 January 1180, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Frederik van Cuijck
birth: 1132
death: about 1165

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