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Semnoresse de Poitiers-Valentinois b. about 1190 d. before 1223

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Lineage Poitiers
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Semnoresse de Poitiers-Valentinois

Aymar II de Poitiers-Valentinois [Poitiers] b. about 1170 d. 22 February 1230

Philippa de Fay [Fay] b. about 1175 d. between September 1251 and October 1258


about 1190 birth:

about 1211 marriage: Ademar Valentinois [Capet-Burgundy] b. about 1184 d. 14 March 1237

before 1223 death:


From grandparents to grandchildren

Guigues d'Albon (Guigues V)
birth: 1125
title: 1142, Comte d'Albon
marriage: Béatrice de Montferrat
death: 29 July 1162, Vizille (38)
Marquise d'Albon
death: 1196
Guillaume Ier de Poitiers-Valentinois (dit Pictavinus)
birth: about 1120
title: Comte de Valentinois, Seigneur de Boulogne
marriage: Béatrice d'Albon
death: between 1178 and 20 October 1187
Guillaume Jourdain II de Chapteuil
birth: about 1130
title: seigneur de Clérieu, Fay et Mezenc
marriage: Méthéline de Clérieu
death: after 1179
Méthéline de Clérieu
birth: about 1150
title: Dame de La Voulte
marriage: Guillaume Jourdain II de Chapteuil
death: after 1189
Aymar II de Poitiers-Valentinois
birth: about 1170
title: Comte de Valentinois, seigneur de Boulogne-en-Velay, de Saint-Vincent et de Barrès
marriage: Philippa de Fay
death: 22 February 1230
Philippa de Fay
birth: about 1175
title: Dame de Clerieu
marriage: Aymar II de Poitiers-Valentinois
will: 30 May 1246
death: between September 1251 and October 1258
== 3 ==
Guillaume II de Poitiers-Valentinois
birth: 31 January 1202
title: Comte de Valentinois, Baron de Queyrières
marriage: Flotte de Royans
death: before June 1227
Ademar Valentinois
birth: about 1184
title: dauphin de Vienne, comte d'Albon, puis comte de Vienne
marriage: Béatrice de Sabran , Sainte-Euphémie-sur-Ouvèze (26)
annulment: Béatrice de Sabran
marriage: Semnoresse de Poitiers-Valentinois
marriage: w Béatrice de Montferrat
will: 4 March 1237, Saint-Uze (26)
death: 14 March 1237
== 3 ==

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