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Maud Chaworth (Plantagenet) b. 2 August 1282 d. 1322

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Lineage Chaworth
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Maud Chaworth
Other last names Plantagenet

Patrick Chaworth (of Kidwelley & Ogmore) [Chaworth] b. 1250 d. 7 July 1283

Isabel Beauchamp (Daughter of 1st Earl Warwick) [Beauchamp]

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2 August 1282 birth:

1297 title: Countess of Lancaster

1297 marriage: Henry Lancaster (Plantagenet) [Lancaster] b. 1281 d. 22 September 1345

1305 child birth: Knockin, Shropshire, England, Maud Lancaster (Plantagenet) [Lancaster] b. 1305 d. 1344

about 1310 child birth: Grosmont (Monmouthshire), Grosmont Castle, Henry of Grosmont (1. Duke of Lancaster) [Lancaster] b. about 1310 d. 23 March 1361

1312 child birth: Joan Lancaster (Plantagenet) [Lancaster] b. 1312 d. 1345

about 1315 child birth: w Eleanor Plantagenet [Lancaster] b. about 1315 d. 11 January 1372

1322 death:

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Patrick Chaworth
birth: 1218, Stoke Brun, Northampton, England
death: Wales
Gundred de la Ferte
birth: 1190, Kempsford, Gloucestershire, England
death: 1237, Brionne, Normandie, France
Aveline FitzJohn (Lutegareshale)
birth: 1230, England, Shere, Surrey, England
marriage: Walter de Burgh
title: of Essex
death: 20 May 1274
burial: Dunmow Priory, Eire
Maud FitzJohn
birth: Shere, Surrey (England)
death: 19 April 1301, Worcester (England), Greyfriars (Worcester)
William Beauchamp
birth: 1238, Warwick (England), Warwickshire, England
title: 9th Earl Warwick
death: 5 June 1298, Elmley, Glouchester, England
Patrick Chaworth (of Kidwelley & Ogmore)
birth: 1250, Northamptonshire, England
death: 7 July 1283, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Guy Beauchamp
birth: 1 January 1278, Warwick (England), Warwickshire, England
marriage: Alice de Toeni (Toesni)
title: Warwick (Angleterre), comte de Warwick
death: 10 April 1315, Warwick (England), Warwickshire, England
== 3 ==
(Sir) Hugh Despenser
death: November 1326
Henry Lancaster (Plantagenet)
birth: 1281
title: 5 June 1296, Earl of Lancaster
marriage: w Maud Chaworth (Plantagenet)
death: 22 September 1345
Maud Chaworth (Plantagenet)
birth: 2 August 1282
title: 1297, Countess of Lancaster
marriage: Henry Lancaster (Plantagenet)
death: 1322
== 3 ==
Richard FitzAlan
birth: 1306
marriage: w Eleanor Plantagenet
death: 24 January 1326
title: 1330, Earl of Arundel
Eleanor Plantagenet
birth: about 1315
marriage: Richard FitzAlan
death: 11 January 1372
John Mowbray
title: Baron Mowbray, 3
Joan Lancaster (Plantagenet)
birth: 1312
death: 1345
Roger LeStrange
birth: 15 August 1301, Knockin, Shropshire, England
death: 29 July 1349, Lincolnshire (England)
Maud Lancaster (Plantagenet)
birth: 1305, Knockin, Shropshire, England
death: 1344, Oswestry, Shropshire, England
Henry of Grosmont (1. Duke of Lancaster)
birth: about 1310, Grosmont (Monmouthshire), Grosmont Castle
marriage: Isabella de Beaumont
death: 23 March 1361
John of Gaunt Plantagenet
birth: 6 March 1340, Ghent (Belgium), County of Flanders
title: 1342, Duke of Lancaster
marriage: Blanche Lancaster , Reading (Berkshire), England, Reading Abbey
title: 1361, Comte de Lancastre, de Derby, de Lincoln et de Leicester
title: 13 November 1362, Londres, Duc de Lancastre
marriage: w Constance of Castile , Roquefort (Landes), France
title: 2 March 1390, Londres, Duc d'Aquitaine
marriage: Catherine Roet (Swynford) , Lincoln (England), Lincoln Cathedral
death: 3 February 1399, Leicester Castle, England
Blanche Lancaster
birth: 25 March 1345, Lindsey (Lincolnshire), England, Bolingbroke Castle
marriage: John of Gaunt Plantagenet , Reading (Berkshire), England, Reading Abbey
title: 19 May 1359, Londres, Comtesse de Richmond
title: 1361, Comtesse de Lancastre, de Derby, de Lincoln et de Leicester
title: 13 November 1362, Londres, Duchesse de Lancastre
death: 12 September 1369, England
John FitzAlan (de Arundel)
birth: 1348
title: 1377, Baron of Arundel
death: 16 December 1379
John Mowbray
title: England, Baron Mowbray, 4
Alice (FitzAlan) ? (Arundel)
birth: about 1350
marriage: Thomas Holland
death: 17 March 1416
Roger LeStrange
birth: 1327, Knockin, Shropshire, England
death: 23 April 1382, Kenewyleswode, Wales
Wilhelm I von Bayern
birth: 1330, Frankfurt am Main
marriage: w Matilda Plantagenet (Countess of Leicester)
death: 15 April 1388, Le Quesnoy
Matilda Plantagenet (Countess of Leicester)
birth: 4 April 1339, Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire
marriage: Wilhelm I von Bayern
death: 10 April 1362

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