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Margareta van Grimbergen b. estimated 1220

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Lineage Grimbergen
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Margareta van Grimbergen

Arnold Bertout van Grimbergen [Grimbergen] b. estimated 1167 d. after 1212

Sophia van Altena [Altena] b. estimated 1190 d. after 1247


estimated 1220 birth:

marriage: Arnold II van Stein [Stein] b. estimated 1215

estimated 1250 child birth: Sophia van Stein [Stein] b. estimated 1250

estimated 1260 child birth: Johanna van Stein [Stein] b. estimated 1260

1266 child birth: Arnold III van Stein [Stein] b. 1266 d. 1329

From grandparents to grandchildren

Wouter IV Berthouts
birth: 1150
death: 1220
Gerard II van Grimbergen
birth: about 1149
death: 1188
Mathilde van Ninove
birth: about 1137
birth: before 1190
Agnes ? (van Heinsberg?)
birth: estimated 1175
Gerhard III van Grimberghe
title: 1188, Heer van Grimberghe
death: 1200
Arnold Bertout van Grimbergen
birth: estimated 1167
marriage: Sophia van Altena
death: after 1212
Sophia van Altena
birth: estimated 1190
marriage: Arnold Bertout van Grimbergen
death: after 1247
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Gijsbrecht Both van der Eem
birth: estimated 1250
marriage: Johanna van Stein
death: before 1310
Willem II van Cranendonck
birth: estimated 1275
marriage: Elisabeth van Steyn
death: before 1321
Elisabeth van Steyn
birth: estimated 1290
marriage: Willem II van Cranendonck
death: after 1323
Agnes van Herlaer
birth: estimated 1290
Gijsbert Both
birth: estimated 1295
death: before 1334

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