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Mary Amelia Whited (Howell)

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Lineage Whited
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mary Amelia Whited
Other last names Howell

Edwin Frost Whited [Whited] b. 8 July 1919 d. 9 June 2006

Mary Amelia Douglas (Whited) [Douglas]


marriage: Phillip B. Howell [Howell]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Mary Frost (Willis)
birth: 9 December 1894, Shreveport (Louisiana)
marriage: John Winston Willis, II , Shreveport (Louisiana)
death: 7 April 1984, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Elizabeth Frost (Whited)
birth: 11 August 1895
marriage: Frank Thayer Whited, Jr. , Shreveport (Louisiana)
death: 2 October 1975, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Harry Worth Whited
birth: 5 September 1882, Shreveport (Louisiana)
marriage: Hallula Trigg (Whited) , Texarkana (Arkansas), Miller County (Arkansas), Arkansas, United States
death: 5 May 1946, Nacogdoches (Texas)
Samuel James Bowman Whited
birth: 18 November 1884, Shreveport (Louisiana)
death: 22 June 1957, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Margaret Belle Whited (Scarborough)
birth: 7 September 1887, Shreveport (Louisiana)
death: 31 November 1978, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Nita Whited (Greer)
birth: 18 July 1890, Shreveport (Louisiana)
marriage: John Broocks Greer, Sr.
death: 1 March 1985, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Frank Thayer Whited, Jr.
birth: 22 September 1892, Shreveport (Louisiana)
marriage: Elizabeth Frost (Whited) , Shreveport (Louisiana)
death: 6 December 1970, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Edwin Frost Whited
birth: 8 July 1919, Shreveport (Louisiana)
marriage: Mary Amelia Douglas (Whited)
death: 9 June 2006, Santa Fe (New Mexico)
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