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Mary Caroline Querbes (Chumley)

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Lineage Querbes
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mary Caroline Querbes
Other last names Chumley

Mary Frances Loftus (Querbes, Coleman) [Loftus]

Andrew Querbes, IV [Querbes]

From grandparents to grandchildren

John Winston Willis,III
birth: 30 October 1922, Shreveport (Louisiana)
death: 17 April 1924, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Mary Virginia Willis (Loftus)
birth: 20 December 1918, Shreveport (Louisiana)
marriage: Joseph Francis Loftus
death: 28 October 1960, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Joseph Francis Loftus
birth: 12 October 1914
marriage: Mary Virginia Willis (Loftus)
death: 19 August 2004, Shreveport (Louisiana)
Betty-Lane Shipp (Querbes, Kayser)
birth: 20 May 1932
death: 28 October 2012
Andrew Querbes, Jr.
birth: 1889
death: 1964
John Willis Loftus
birth: 15 April 1945
marriage: Susan Reynolds (Loftus)
death: 7 August 2016
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== 3 ==

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