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John Hunyadi b. about 1406 d. 11 August 1456

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Lineage Corvinus
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John Hunyadi
Other given names Johann

Elisabeth Musatin (MuresCerna, Morzsinai , Morzsinay, Morsina) [Musatin]

Voyk Hunyadi [Hunyadi] d. before 1419

Wiki-page wikipedia:John_Hunyadi


about 1406 birth:

marriage: Elisabeth Szilágyi [Szilágyi] b. 1410 d. 10 July 1483

1433 child birth: Ladislaus Hunyadi [Corvinus] b. 1433 d. 16 March 1457

23 February 1443 child birth: Cluj-Napoca, (Kolozsvár), Matthias Hunyadi (Corvinus) [Corvinus] b. 23 February 1443 d. 26 April 1490

11 August 1456 death:

burial: Alba Iulia, Transylvania


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Costea (Costas) ? (Muşatin, Capet-Arpad)
birth: Possibly Licostomo, a Genovese colony on the Black sea
residence: Focşani, Vrancea, Muntania
religion: Eastern Orthodox
title: between 1373 and 1374, Prince of Moldavia
Margareta Micolati
religion: Roman Catholic
Roman I Musatin
title: between December 1391 and March 1394, Prince of Moldovia
Petrus I (Pierre) Musatin
birth: between 1375 and 1391, Prince of Moldavia
religion: Eastern Orthodox
== 3 ==
Elisabeth Szilágyi
birth: 1410
marriage: John Hunyadi
death: 10 July 1483
John Hunyadi
birth: about 1406
marriage: Elisabeth Szilágyi
death: 11 August 1456
burial: Alba Iulia, Transylvania
== 3 ==
Beatrice Napoli
birth: 16 November 1457
marriage: Matthias Hunyadi (Corvinus)
title: 16 September 1476
marriage: Matthias Hunyadi (Corvinus) , Budapest
title: 1486, Duchesse d'Autriche
marriage: Władysław II (Ladislaus) Jagiellończyk , Esztergom
title: 4 October 1490, Esztergom, Reine de Bohême et de Hongrie
annulment: Władysław II (Ladislaus) Jagiellończyk , Rome
death: 23 September 1508, Naples
Matthias Hunyadi (Corvinus)
birth: 23 February 1443, Cluj-Napoca, (Kolozsvár)
title: Count of Beszterce
marriage: Beatrice Napoli
marriage: Katherine Podebradia
title: between 1458 and 26 April 1490, King of Hungary
title: between 1469 and 26 April 1490, King of Bohemia
marriage: Beatrice Napoli , Budapest
death: 26 April 1490, Vienna (Austria)
Ladislaus Hunyadi
birth: 1433
marriage: Maria Garai
death: 16 March 1457

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