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Jeanne of Châtillon b. 1323 d. 15 August 1371

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Lineage Châtillon
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Jeanne of Châtillon


1323 birth:

July 1335 title:

July 1335 marriage: James I de Bourbon-La Marche [Bourbon-La Marche] b. 1321 d. 6 April 1362

1340 child birth: Изабелла де Бурбон [Бурбоны-Ла Марш] b. 1340 d. 15 May 1371

1342 child birth: Pierre de Bourbon-La Marche [Bourbon-La Marche] b. 1342 d. 6 April 1361

1342 title: Comtesse de La Marche

1344 child birth: Jean I de Bourbon-La Marche [Bourbon-La Marche] b. 1344 d. 11 June 1393

1346 child birth: Jacques de Bourbon-La Marche [Bourbon-La Marche] b. 1346 d. 1417

1351 title: Comtesse de Ponthieu

15 August 1371 death:

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
James I de Bourbon-La Marche
birth: 1321
marriage: Jeanne of Châtillon
title: 1342, граф де Ла Марш, 18-й
title: 1351, граф де Понтье, 16-й
death: 6 April 1362, Lyon (France)
Jeanne of Châtillon
birth: 1323
title: July 1335
marriage: James I de Bourbon-La Marche
title: 1342, Comtesse de La Marche
title: 1351, Comtesse de Ponthieu
death: 15 August 1371
== 1 ==
Catherine de Vendôme
birth: 1350, Count of Vendôme
title: 28 September 1364
marriage: Jean I de Bourbon-La Marche
title: 1372, Comtesse de Vendôme et de Castres
death: 1412
Jean I de Bourbon-La Marche
birth: 1344
title: 6 April 1362, Count of La Marche
marriage: Catherine de Vendôme
title: 1372, Count of Castres
death: 11 June 1393, Vendôme
Бушар VII де Вандом
birth: 1345
title: граф де Вандом
title: граф де Кастр
marriage: Изабелла де Бурбон
death: 1371
Pierre de Bourbon-La Marche
birth: 1342
death: 6 April 1361, Lyon (69)
Изабелла де Бурбон-Ла-Марш
occupation: монахиня в Пуасси
Jeanne de Laval
birth: October 1405
marriage: Louis I de Bourbon-Vendôme , Rennes
title: 24 August 1424, Rennes, Comtesse de Vendôme
death: 18 December 1468, Lavardin (Loir-et-Cher)
Blanche de Roucy
marriage: Louis I de Bourbon-Vendôme
title: 21 December 1414, Comtesse de Vendôme
death: 22 August 1421
Louis I de Bourbon-Vendôme
birth: 1376
title: 11 June 1393, Count of Vendôme
marriage: Blanche de Roucy
marriage: Jeanne de Laval , Rennes
death: 21 December 1446, Tours
Жан де Бурбон-Каренси
birth: March 1383, сеньор Каренси
marriage: Catherine d’Eu
marriage: Jeanne de Vendômois
death: 29 April 1458
Janus of Cyprus
birth: 1375, Genoa
title: 1398, King of Cyprus
title: from 1398 - 29 June 1432, король Иерусалима, титулярный
marriage: w Charlotte Bourbon
death: 29 June 1432
Charlotte Bourbon
birth: 1388
marriage: Janus of Cyprus
death: 15 January 1422
Беатриса д'Эвре
birth: October 1386
title: 14 September 1406
marriage: Жак II де Бурбон-Ла-Марш , Pampelune
death: 14 December 1407, Olite
Johanna II von Neapel
birth: 25 July 1373, Neapel
title: 1401, королева Неаполя
marriage: w Wilhelm d'Autriche
title: 6 August 1414, Neapel, Reine de Naples
marriage: Жак II де Бурбон-Ла-Марш , Neapel
title: 1415, Comtesse de La Marche et de Castres
death: 2 February 1435, Neapel, Неаполитанское королевство
Жак II де Бурбон-Ла-Марш
birth: 1370
title: 11 June 1393, граф де Ла Марш
title: 1403, граф Кастра
marriage: Беатриса д'Эвре , Pampelune
title: 1415, губернатор Лангедока
marriage: Johanna II von Neapel , Neapel
death: 24 September 1438, Безансон, Франция
Jean de Montpensier
birth: 1363
title: 1386, Montpensier (63), comte de Montpensier
marriage: Catherine de France , Saint-Ouen (93)
marriage: w Anne de Bourbon
death: 1401
Ludwig VII von Bayern
birth: 20 December 1365
marriage: w Anne de Bourbon , Paris
title: 1413, Duc de Bavière-Ingolstadt
marriage: Catherine d'Alençon
death: 1 May 1447, Burghausen
Anne de Bourbon
birth: about 1380
marriage: Jean de Montpensier
title: 1390, Gräfin von Montpensier
marriage: Ludwig VII von Bayern , Paris
title: 1 October 1402, Paris, Prinzessin von Bayern
death: 1408, Paris
Élisabeth de Montagu
birth: 1394
marriage: Pierre de Bourbon-La Marche
title: Arpajon (91), dame de Chastres
title: dame du Laonnois
title: Marcoussis (91), dame de Marcoussis
title: Boissy-sous-Saint-Yon (91), dame de Boissy-sous-Saint-Yon
title: dame de Blanchefosse
title: Villeconin (91), dame de Saudreville
title: Villeconin (91), dame de Villeconin
title: Mauchamps (91), dame de Mauchamps
title: Villejust (91), dame de Villejust
title: Saint-Escobille (91), dame de Guillerville
title: Souzy-la-Briche (91), dame de Souzy
title: Souzy-la-Briche (91), dame de La Briche
title: Marcoussis (91), dame de Chouanville
title: dame de Moulin Neuf
title: Malesherbes (45), dame de Malesherbes
title: Nanteau-sur-Essonne (77), dame de Nanteau
title: Montgeron (91), dame de Montgeron
title: Gometz-le-Châtel (91), dame de Gometz
title: Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine (77), dame de Tournefuye
title: dame de Hangest
marriage: Jean VI de Roucy
death: about 1430

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