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William II FitzAlan b. about 1136 d. 1210

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Lineage FitzAlan
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) William II FitzAlan

w William Fitz Alan [FitzAlan] b. 1105 d. 1160

Helen Peverell [Peverell] b. 1115

Wiki-page wikipedia:William FitzAlan, 1st Lord of Oswestry and Clun


about 1136 birth:

child birth: William FitzAlan [FitzAlan] d. 1215

marriage: [unknown] de Lacy [Lacy]

from 1160 - 1210 title: Lord of Oswestry

about 1186 child birth: Arundel (England), Sussex (England), John I FitzAlan [FitzAlan] b. about 1186 d. 1240

1210 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Alan FitzFlaad
birth: 1080, Dol-de-Bretagne, France, Probably
title: Lord of Oswestry
death: 1114, Oswestry, Shropshire, England, Oswaldestre
Aveline de Hesdin
birth: 1063, France, Dol, Normandy
William Hesdin
birth: 1065
Matilda FitzArulph (Hesdin)
birth: 1057, Toddington (Bedfordshire), England
death: 1133, Kempsford, Gloucestershire, England
Ranulph Hesting
death: 1094, Toddingham (Bedfordshire), England
Adelize or Ameline FitzWarine (Hesdin)
birth: 1080, Shropshire, England
death: 1126, Shropshire, England
William Peverell
birth: 1080
title: Sir
death: 1155
Avice Lancaster
birth: 1070
death: 1149
Walter Fitz Alan (Stewart)
birth: 1106, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Paisley Abbey
title: from 1150 - 1177, High Steward of Scotland
death: 1177, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Paisley Abbey
Adelina FitzAlan
birth: 1095
Sibil FitzAlan
birth: 1109
Jordan FitzAlan
birth: 1103
Simon FitzAlan
birth: before 1114
William Fitz Alan
birth: 1105, Oswestry, Shropshire, England
title: Lord of Oswestry
marriage: Isabel de Say
death: 1160
Helen Peverell
birth: 1115
== 3 ==
William II FitzAlan
birth: about 1136
marriage: [unknown] de Lacy
title: from 1160 - 1210, Lord of Oswestry
death: 1210
== 3 ==
Isabel d'Aubigny (of Arundel)
birth: about 1203, Arundel (England), Sussex (England)
marriage: John I FitzAlan
death: before 1240
John I FitzAlan
birth: about 1186, Arundel (England), Sussex (England)
title: from 1215 - 1240, Lord of Oswestry
title: from 1215 - 1240, Lord of Clun
marriage: Isabel d'Aubigny (of Arundel)
death: 1240
William FitzAlan
title: from 1210 - 1215, Lord of Oswestry
title: from 1210 - 1215, Lord of Clun
death: 1215
Maud Matilda Botiller (de Verdun)
birth: about 1225, Lincoln (England), Lincolnshire (England)
marriage: John II FitzAlan
death: 27 November 1283, England
John II FitzAlan
birth: May 1223, Arundel (England), Sussex (England)
title: from 1240 - 1267, Lord of Oswestry
title: from 1240 - 1267, Lord of Clun
marriage: Maud Matilda Botiller (de Verdun)
title: from 1244 - 1267, Earl of Arundel
death: 10 November 1267

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