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Jordane de Montlaur b. 1212 d. 1278

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Lineage Montlaur
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Jordane de Montlaur

Heracle II leVieux (Montlaur) [Montlaur] b. 1185 d. 1247

Agnes Posquieres [Posquieres]



1212 birth:

child birth: Guigues IV de la Roche-en-Regnier [la Roche]

estimated 1245 child birth: Douce De la Roche [La Roche] b. estimated 1245

1278 death:

[edit] Sources

  1. - Dictionnaire de la noblesse... by F.R. Aubert J.Badier — Edition: — Tome: 6 — on this page (page: 137)

From grandparents to grandchildren

Heracle II leVieux (Montlaur)
birth: 1185
death: 1247
== 2 ==
Guy de La Roche
birth: estimated 1220
death: estimated 1266
Jordane de Montlaur
birth: 1212
death: 1278
== 2 ==
Guillaume II d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1215
marriage: Yolande de Châteauneuf
marriage: Douce De la Roche
other: 1271, renewed his donations to the Abbey of Bonneval; ''(renouvela ses donations à l'Abbaye de Bonneval)''
other: 1291, write his testimony ''(Testa en 1291)'
Pierre d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1245
occupation: estimated 1265, Franciscan religious ''(Religieux Franciscain)
Henri d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1250
occupation: 1270, Augustinian religious
Dieudonné III d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1250
occupation: estimated 1270, prior of Montalt (?)
Aimar d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1250
Guigonne d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1250
occupation: estimated 1270, Nun (religieuse)
Yordaine d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1250
occupation: estimated 1270, Nun (religieuse)
Gallienne d'Estaing
birth: estimated 1250

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