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William Shelton b. 1735

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Lineage Shelton
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) William Shelton

Crispen Shelton [Shelton] b. 1 April 1713 d. 29 October 1787

Leticia Burford [Burford] b. 1713 d. 1770


1735 birth: Middlesex (Virginia), USA

29 December 1765 child birth: Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Mary Barber Shelton [Shelton] b. 29 December 1765 d. 1843


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Ralph Shelton
birth: 1685, Middlesex (Virginia), USA
death: 13 March 1733, Middlesex (Virginia), USA
Mary ? (not Crispin)
birth: 1690, Middlesex (Virginia), USA
death: 1765, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Thomas Burford (du Beaufort)
birth: 1663, Lancaster County (Virginia), USA, Christ Church (Lancaster County, Virginia)
death: 9 December 1716, Lancaster County (Virginia), USA, Christ Church (Lancaster County, Virginia)
Crispen Shelton
birth: 1 April 1713, Middlesex (Virginia), USA
death: 29 October 1787, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
Leticia Burford
birth: 1713, Middlesex County (Virginia), USA
death: 1770, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
== 3 ==
Hannah Yates
birth: 1743, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
death: 1812, Henderson (Kentucky), United States
William Shelton
birth: 1735, Middlesex (Virginia), USA
== 3 ==
Avery Solomon Mustain
birth: 26 February 1756, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
other: Danville, Revolutionary Soldier
marriage: Mary Barber Shelton
death: 31 August 1833, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA, Camden Parish
burial: Near Danville, Danville Register
Mary Barber Shelton
birth: 29 December 1765, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA
marriage: Avery Solomon Mustain
death: 1843, Pittsylvania County (Virginia), USA

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