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Etienne de Vassé b. 20 April 1753 d. 27 May 1820

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Lineage Vassé
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Etienne de Vassé
Other given names Alexis Bruno
Wiki-page wikipedia:fr:Alexis-Bruno-Étienne de Vassé


20 April 1753 birth: Clion (36)

child birth: Eugénie de Vassé [Vassé]

title: marquis de Vassé

marriage: Louise de Broglie [Broglie]

estimated 1790 child birth: Armande de Vassé [Vassé] b. estimated 1790

27 May 1820 death: Paris (75)

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Etienne de Vassé
birth: 20 April 1753, Clion (36)
title: marquis de Vassé
marriage: Louise de Broglie
death: 27 May 1820, Paris (75)
== 1 ==
Charles-Lidewine-Marie de Croix
title: comte de Croix
title: marquis de Croix
marriage: Eugénie de Vassé
Emmanuel de Gramont
marriage: Armande de Vassé
title: estimated 1780, Caderousse (84), duc de Caderousse
title: estimated 1780, Gramont (82), comte de Gramont
title: estimated 1780, Vachères (04), marquis de Vachères
title: estimated 1780, Codolet (30), marquis de Codolet
title: estimated 1780, Le Thor (84), baron du Thor
birth: 25 June 1783, Paris (75)
death: 25 October 1841, Paris (75)

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