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Raouel de Lusignan b. 1160 d. 9 February 1218

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Lineage Lusignan
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Raouel de Lusignan

w Hugues VIII de Lusignan (le Vieux ou le Brun) [Lusignan] b. 1106 d. 1174

Bourgogne de Rançon [Rançon]

Reference numbers GEDCOM::PauwelvanNassau.ged::INDI @I80982@::Kjansen


1160 birth:

marriage: Alice d'Eu [Normandy]

1200 child birth: Raoul II de Lusignan [Lusignan] b. 1200 d. 1250

1212 child birth: Shenton, Leicestershire, England, Matilda (Maud) d'Eu (de Lusignan) [Lusignan] b. 1212 d. 14 August 1241

9 February 1218 death:


Graaf van Eu, graaf van Guines en Mello

From grandparents to grandchildren

Yolande de Lusignan
birth: 1080
death: 1134
Hugh VII de Lusignan (Le Brun)
birth: 1065, Lusignan (Vienne), France
property: Lord of Lusignan
title: between 1102 and 1151, Count of La Marche
death: 1151
Aimée de Lusignan
birth: Lusignan France
Simon de Lusignan
title: Lord of Lezay
Rogue de Lusignan (de Saint-Gelais)
property: seigneur de Saint-Gelais
== 3 ==
Amaury II de Lusignan
birth: 1145
marriage: w Эшива Ибелин
title: 1194, king of Cyprus
title: 1197, king of Jérusalem
marriage: Isabella ? (of Jerusalem) , Jerusalem, Acra (fortress)
death: 1 April 1205
Guido von Lusignan
birth: 1159
title: between 1180 and 1183, comte de Jaffa et d'Ascalon
marriage: Sibyla ? (of Jerusalem)
title: between 1186 and 1192, roi de Jérusalem
other: September 1191, Apollonie de Palestine, Israël, Bataille d'Arsouf
title: May 1192, принял управление Кипром, хотя Королем Кипра он не был коронован
death: 18 July 1194
Hugo von Lusignan
birth: about 1148
marriage: Orengarde
death: about 1169
Alice d'Eu
marriage: Raouel de Lusignan
death: France, St. Heray
death: 15 May 1246, Hastings (England)
Raouel de Lusignan
birth: 1160
marriage: Alice d'Eu
death: 9 February 1218
== 3 ==
Humphrey FitzHenry de Bohun
birth: 1208, Hereford (Herefordshire), England
title: Earl Essex
marriage: Matilda (Maud) d'Eu (de Lusignan)
death: 1275
death: 24 September 1275, Essex (England)
Matilda (Maud) d'Eu (de Lusignan)
birth: 1212, Shenton, Leicestershire, England
marriage: Humphrey FitzHenry de Bohun
death: 14 August 1241
Alice de Bohun
birth: 1228, Hereford (Herefordshire), England
death: 1264
Humphrey de Bohun
title: Lord Hereford
title: Lord Essex
death: 27 October 1265, Cheshire, England, Beeston Castle
Alfons von Brienne
birth: about 1227
marriage: Marie de Lusignan
death: 25 August 1270, Tunis
Marie de Lusignan
birth: 1223
marriage: Alfons von Brienne
title: 1250, Dame de Brienne
death: 1 October 1260

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