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Gottfried III von Arnsberg b. about 1214 d. between 1284 and 1287

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Lineage Cuyk
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gottfried III von Arnsberg

Godfried von Arnsberg [Arnsberg] b. 1157 d. 1235

Agnes von Rüdenberg [Rüdenberg]

Wiki-page wikipedia:de:Gottfried III. (Arnsberg)
Reference numbers GEDCOM::PauwelvanNassau.ged::INDI @I6098@::Kjansen


about 1214 birth:

about 1235 child birth: Mechtild von Cuyk-Arnsberg [Cuyk] b. about 1235 d. 13 August 1298

1238 marriage: Adelheid van Metz Blieskastel [Metz-Blieskastel] b. 1220 d. 1272

about 1249 child birth: Ida von Arnsberg und von Rietberg [Cuyk] b. about 1249 d. 1289

1250 child birth: w Ludwig von Arnsberg und von Rietberg [Cuyk] b. 1250 d. 2 May 1313

between 1284 and 1287 death:


Graaf van Arnsberg

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
Gottfried III von Arnsberg
birth: about 1214
marriage: Adelheid van Metz Blieskastel
death: between 1284 and 1287
== 3 ==
Heinrich (iii) von Waldeck
birth: between 1225 and 1230
marriage: Mechtild von Cuyk-Arnsberg
death: 1267
Mechtild von Cuyk-Arnsberg
birth: about 1235
marriage: Heinrich (iii) von Waldeck
death: 13 August 1298
Sophia de Hesse
birth: 1264
marriage: w Otto I von Waldeck
death: 12 August 1331
Otto I von Waldeck
title: from 1271 - 1305, Ct Waldeck
marriage: Sophia de Hesse
death: 11 November 1305, in prison
Simon I zur Lippe
birth: about 1280
title: from 1280 - 1344, Landesherr der Herrschaft Lippe
marriage: Adelheid von Waldeck (Lippe)
death: 1344
Adolf II von Waldeck
birth: about 1258
title: from 1301 - 1302, prince bishop of Liège
death: 1302

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