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Zawty Siamak (Siyāmak) (Clan of the Wolf)

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Lineage Tainite Dynasty
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Zawty Siamak (Siyāmak)
Other last names Clan of the Wolf
Other given names Syiits, Seth (Hebrew), Siamak (Zorastrian), Sesostris (Greek), Urnansheth (Sumerian)

Talhah [?]

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In Zorastrian Mythology Shem is the dark haired son of Keyumars.

In Egyptian mythology Shem is associated with the black wolf (A precursor of Anubis) and whose name was given to the ancient city of Asyut (in Greek referred to as Lycanopolis).

In Sumerian mythology a son of Etana named after the Sumerian warrior god Shamash.

In the writings of Herodotus he is a king named Sesostris of Egypt conquered the known world from Ethiopia of the Labaid to the Colchis (Caucusus mountains), Scythia, and the Rivers of the Ponti, and established a system of law based on the will of the "God"

Although this war, the Battle of Vesosus and Tanais, has been supposed by many to have to have occurred after the great flood and in connection with events between 1323-1290 BC between the Goths and Egyptians, this dating is not supported by archaeological record. However battle is consistent with the conflict between the Post Abellian (Dynasty 00) Egyptian and Akkadian conflict between Cain (Tainite Dynasty 0) and Seth (Akkadian dynasty 1) as recorded in the archaeological records of Tainite Dynasty memorials in Egypt.

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