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Lineage:Hamengku Buwono IV

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Hamengku Buwono IV
Bahasa Indonesia
Hamengku Buwono IV
Hamengku Buwono VI
Hamengku Buwono V

Lineage "Hamengku Buwono IV" contains 1478 people

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  1. Ki Ageng Ngerang II [Br.6.3.2]
  2. Agustian Mardiono Kusumo Utoyo [Hb.]
  3. Alain Polis [Hb.]
  4. Anouk Olijve [Hb.]
  5. Ben Agita Bangun [Hb.]
  6. Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Cakraningrat [Hb.4.9.1] / Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung Danurejo
  7. Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Hadiwijoyo [Hb.6.17] d. 9 February 1916
  8. Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Hadiwinoto [Hb.6.12]
  9. Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Maloyokusumo [Hb.4.17]
  10. Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Puruboyo [Hb.6.6]
  11. Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Suryodinigrat [Hb.4.10] / Bendoro Pangeran Hangabehi
  12. Bendoro Pangeran Haryo Suryonegoro [Hb.4.17]
  13. Bendoro Raden Ajeng Ipji Dangunikri [Hb.]
  14. Bendoro Raden Ayu Adipati Mangkubumi [Hb.5.8] [Gp.Hb.6.11.1] (Bendoro Raden Ayu Sukina) b. 1836
  15. Bendoro Raden Ayu Bumisalamah [Hb.5.6]
  16. Bendoro Raden Ayu Danurejo [Hb.4.8]
  17. Bendoro Raden Ayu Gusti Maduretno [Hb.4.5]
  18. Bendoro Raden Ayu Hadiwinoto [Hb.5.7]
  19. Bendoro Raden Ayu Jayaningrat [Hb.4.11]
  20. Bendoro Raden Ayu Mangkuyudo [Hb.6.19]
  21. Bendoro Raden Ayu Mutoinah [Hb.4.15]
  22. Bendoro Raden Ayu Nitinegoro [Hb.4.9]
  23. Bendoro Raden Ayu Notoyudo [Hb.6.16]
  24. Bendoro Raden Ayu Pintokopurnomo [Ga.Hb.9.1] [Hb.] (Kanjeng Ratu Ayu Pintokopurnomo) b. 22 November 1910
  25. Bendoro Raden Ayu Purwodiningrat [Hb.6.8]
  26. Bendoro Raden Ayu Rabingu [Hb.5.5]
  27. Bendoro Raden Ayu Rukmidiningdia [Ga.Hb.8.5] [Hb.] (Bendoro Raden Ayu Rukhihadiningdyah)
  28. Bendoro Raden Ayu Suryoatmojo [Hb.4.13]
  29. Bendoro Raden Ayu Suryomurcito [Hb.6.21]
  30. Bendoro Raden Ayu Timur [Hb.5.3]
  31. Bendoro Raden Mas (No Name) [Hb.4.3]
  32. Bendoro Raden Mas (No Name) [Hb.4.4]
  33. Bendoro Raden Mas Abdul Razak Suryengalogo [Hb.] d. 31 August 1940
  34. Bendoro Raden Mas Najatun Ngadiati [Hb.]
  35. Bendoro Raden Mas Pringadi [Hb.4.16]
  36. Bendoro Raden Mas Samadikun [Hb.4.18]
  37. Bendoro Raden Mas Sepuh [Hb.5.2]
  38. Bendoro Raden Mas Solikut Takiyati [Hb.]
  39. Bendoro Raden Mas Suleman [Hb.6.4]
  40. Bendoro Raden Mas Sunadi [Hb.4.7]
  41. Bendoro Raden Mas Tritrustho [Hb.4.2]
  42. Bendoron Raden Ayu Suryoatmojo [Hb.4.13]
  43. Bernard Panggabean [Hb.]
  44. Esther Evi Magdalena Panggabean [Hb.]
  45. Evan Lewi Putra Bangun [Hb.]
  46. Gina Polis [Hb.]
  47. Gusti Bendoro Raden Ayu Angabehi [Hb.5.1] / Bendoro Raden Ayu Gondokusumo [Gp.Hb.6.3]
  48. Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Ayu [Hb.6.10] [Gp.Pa.4.1]
  49. Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Bendoro [Hb.6.13] b. 1874
  50. Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hangger [Hb.6.3]

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