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5. Bq. Sakdiah

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(New page: <record> <person> <sex>f</sex> <name>Bq. Sakdiah</name> <parents>1080018</parents> <language>en</language> <id>0</id> </person> <version>0.2</version> </record>)
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<person> <person>
<sex>f</sex> <sex>f</sex>
- <name>Bq. Sakdiah</name>+ <name>5. Bq. Sakdiah</name>
- <parents>1080018:</parents>+ <parents>1080018</parents>
<language>en</language> <language>en</language>
<id>1081365</id> <id>1081365</id>

Current revision

Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) 5. Bq. Sakdiah

2. Rd. Tuan H. Sulaiman (Bagu) [?]

From grandparents to grandchildren

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