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Cecily Bonville (2nd Baroness Bonville) b. 30 June 1460 d. 12 May 1529

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Lineage Bonville
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Cecily Bonville
Other last names 2nd Baroness Bonville

William Bonville (6th Baron Harington) [Bonville] b. 1442 d. 30 December 1460

Katherine Neville (of Salisbury) [Neville] b. 1442 d. 1503

Wiki-page wikipedia:Cecily_Bonville,_7th_Baroness_Harington


30 June 1460 birth: Axminster, Devon (England), Shute Manor (near)

title: Marchioness of Dorset

title: Countess of Wiltshire

title: 7th Baroness Harington

22 June 1477 child birth: w Thomas Grey [Grey] b. 22 June 1477 d. 10 October 1530

12 May 1529 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

John Bonville Ii
birth: 1435, Chewton, Somersetshire, England
marriage: Alice Dennys
death: 1491
Cecily Neville
birth: 3 May 1415
marriage: Richard Plantagenet
title: 1424, Duchesse d'York
marriage: 1424
death: 31 May 1495, Y
Eleanor Neville
birth: 1407, Raby Castle, County Durham, England
marriage: Henry Percy
death: 1472, St. Albans (England), Hertfordshire
Edward Neville
birth: 1417, Raby Castle, Staindrop, County Durham, England
death: 18 October 1476, Abergavenny, Monmouth, England, Priory Church
Philippa Neville
marriage: Thomas Dacre
death: between 8 July 1453 and 5 January 1458
Richard Neville
birth: 1400, Raby Castle, County Durham, England
title: Earl of Salisbury, 5th
marriage: Alice Montague
death: 31 December 1460, Executed
Alice Montague
birth: 1407
marriage: Richard Neville
death: before 9 December 1462, Y
William Bonville (6th Baron Harington)
birth: 1442, Chewton Mendip, Somerset (England)
marriage: Katherine Neville (of Salisbury)
death: 30 December 1460
Richard Neville
birth: 22 November 1428
title: Warwick (Angleterre), comte de Warwick
marriage: Anne Beauchamp
death: 14 April 1471, Y
Eleanor Neville
birth: 1438, Salisbury (England)
marriage: Thomas Stanley , Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
death: 1504
burial: London, England, St. James Garlickhith
== 3 ==
Thomas Grey (1st Marquess of Dorset)
birth: 1455
title: 7th Baron Ferrers of Groby
title: 1st Earl of Huntingdon
title: 1st Marquess of Dorset
death: 20 September 1501
Cecily Bonville (2nd Baroness Bonville)
birth: 30 June 1460, Axminster, Devon (England), Shute Manor (near)
title: Marchioness of Dorset
title: Countess of Wiltshire
title: 7th Baroness Harington
death: 12 May 1529
== 3 ==
Margaret Wotton
death: after 6 October 1535
Thomas Grey
birth: 22 June 1477
title: from 1501 - 10 October 1530, Marquess of Dorset
title: from 17 June 1523 - 10 October 1530, Justice in Eyre South of the Trent
death: 10 October 1530
Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk
birth: 17 January 1517
title: from -, Герцог Суффолк
marriage: Frances Brandon
death: 23 February 1554
Henry Fitzalan
birth: 23 April 1512
marriage: Catherine Grey (Fitzalan)
education: Cambridge (Cambridgeshire), England, Cambridge University
title: from 5 February 1532 - 23 January 1544, Lord Maltravers
occupation: between 2 July 1540 and February 1544, Deputy Governer of Calais
title: from 23 January 1544 - 24 February 1580, Earl of Arundel
title: 17 February 1553, Lord Steward of the Household
death: 24 February 1580

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