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Jeanne Louise de Belleville-Montagu (Jean de Clisson) b. 1300? d. 1359?

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Lineage Belleville
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Jeanne Louise de Belleville-Montagu
Other last names Jean de Clisson

Maurice de Belleville (de Montaigu) [Belleville]

Létice de Parthenay [Parthenay]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Jeanne_de_Clisson


1300? birth:

child birth: Olivier IV de Clisson [Clisson] d. 23 April 1407

marriage: (Sir) Walter Bentley [Bentley]

child birth: Jeanne de Clisson [Clisson]

title: Dame de Montaigu

1359? death:

[edit] Sources

  1. Genealogics. Jeanne Louise de Belleville, Dame de Montaigu -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Jeanne de Montfort (de Montfort-le-Rotrou)
title: Dame de Montfort-le-Rotrou
marriage: Guillaume VI de Parthenay
death: 26 March 1291
burial: Parthenay
Maurice de Belleville (de Montaigu)
marriage: Létice de Parthenay
title: Seigneur de Montaigu
other: 1307, Mentioned
Guy I Parthenay L'Archeveque (de Soubise, de Taillebourg)
marriage: Guyonne (Alix) de Laval
title: Sire de Soubise et de Taillebourg
title: Taillebourg (17), seigneur de Taillebourg
other: 1327, Mentioned
marriage: Jeanne d'Amboise (du Parc)
Jean I de Parthenay (de Semblecay)
title: Sire de Parthenay et de Semblecay
marriage contract: Marie de Beaujeu
death: 1 May 1358
burial: Parthenay
Hugues de Parthenay (de Montfort-le-Rotrou)
marriage: Isabeau de Clermont (de Senblancay)
title: Seigneur de Montfort-le-Rotrou
death: < August 1324?
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Olivier IV de Clisson
title: Count of Perhoet
death: 23 April 1407
Jean Ier de Blois
birth: 5 February 1345, Jugon-les-Lacs (22)
marriage: w Marguerite de Clisson
death: 16 January 1404, Lamballe (22)

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