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? (Heiress of Redvers-Courtenay)

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) ?
Other last names Heiress of Redvers-Courtenay

w Baldwin de Redvers (3rd Earl Devon) [Redvers] b. about 1160 d. 28 May 1188


about 1405 child birth: Maidstone (Kent), England, w Richard Wydeville [Wydeville] b. about 1405 d. 12 August 1469


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon)
title: граф Девон
marriage: Hawyse de Dunstanville
death: 21 April 1162
Beatrix de Vaux
birth: 21 July 1149, Stoke (Plymouth)
death: 24 March 1217, Stoke Canon, Devon (England)
Джон Фиц-Реджинальд
title: граф Корнуолл
death: after 1 July 1175
Hawyse de Dunstanville
birth: 1138, Cornwall, England
marriage: Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon)
death: after 21 April 1162
Baldwin de Redvers (3rd Earl Devon)
birth: about 1160
death: 28 May 1188
== 3 ==
Richard Wydville
birth: before 1405
== 3 ==
Jacquette de Luxembourg
birth: about 1415
marriage: w Richard Wydeville
marriage: John Lancaster (Duke of Bedford) , Thérouanne
title: 22 April 1433, Thérouanne, Duchesse de Bedford
death: 30 May 1472
Richard Wydeville
birth: about 1405, Maidstone (Kent), England
marriage: Jacquette de Luxembourg
death: 12 August 1469, (Executed)
Edward IV Plantagenet (York)
birth: 28 April 1442, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
title: from 1461 - 31 October 1470, King of England
other: 28 June 1461, Londres, Angleterre, Sacre
marriage: Elizabeth Woodville (Wydville, Wydeville, Widvile)
title: from 1471 - 9 April 1483, King of England
death: 9 April 1483, Westminster (England)
Elizabeth Woodville (Wydville, Wydeville, Widvile)
birth: 1437, Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England
title: 1464, Reine d'Angleterre et Dame d'Irlande
marriage: Edward IV Plantagenet (York)
death: 7 June 1492, London, England, Bermondsey, Abbey
burial: after 7 June 1492, Windsor (Berkshire), St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
Charles Churchill
birth: about 1430, England
marriage: Margaret Wydville
Henry Stafford (2nd Duke of Buckingham)
birth: 4 September 1455
marriage: w Catherine Woodville
death: 2 November 1483, Salisbury
Richard Wydville (3rd Earl Rivers)
birth: 1446
death: 6 March 1491
John IX Lestrange (8th Lord Strange)
birth: about 1444
marriage: Jacquetta Woodville
death: 16 October 1479

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