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Abigail Ladd

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Lineage Ladd
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Abigail Ladd



1778 marriage: Enoch Gordon [Gordon] b. 12 April 1745 d. 1829

25 September 1779 child birth: New Hampshire, United States, Stephen Ladd Gordon [Gordon] b. 25 September 1779

20 January 1781 child birth: Benoni Gordon [Gordon] b. 20 January 1781

after 1785 child birth: New Hampshire, United States, Abigail Gordon [Gordon] b. after 1785

25 August 1785 child birth: Enoch Gordon [Gordon] b. 25 August 1785

21 May 1788 child birth: New Hampshire, United States, Clark Whittier Gordon [Gordon] b. 21 May 1788

25 December 1791 child birth: New Hampshire, United States, Nathaniel S. Gordon [Gordon] b. 25 December 1791

15 January 1793 child birth: New Hampshire, United States, Alexander Gordon [Gordon] b. 15 January 1793

after 1794 child birth: New Hampshire, United States, Daniel Gordon [Gordon] b. after 1794

after 1795 child birth: New Hampshire, United States, Elizabeth Gordon [Gordon] b. after 1795

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Enoch Gordon
birth: 12 April 1745, Fremont (New Hampshire), United States, (then called: Poplin)
marriage: Polly Sarah Carter , United States
military service: 1777, United States, Private, Revolutionary War in Capt. Charles Taylor's Company, Col. Thomas Stickney's Regiment, General John Stark's Brigade.
marriage: Abigail Ladd
death: 1829, New Hampton (New Hampshire), United States
== 1 ==
Eliphalet Gordon
birth: 6 November 1772, United States
marriage: Abigail Smith
death: 29 March 1864, United States
William Gordon
birth: 27 March 1768, New Hampshire, United States
Sarah Gordon
birth: 10 August 1770, New Hampshire, United States
Stephen Ladd Gordon
birth: 25 September 1779, New Hampshire, United States
Benoni Gordon
birth: 20 January 1781
Enoch Gordon
birth: 25 August 1785
Abigail Gordon
birth: after 1785, New Hampshire, United States
Clark Whittier Gordon
birth: 21 May 1788, New Hampshire, United States
Nathaniel S. Gordon
birth: 25 December 1791, New Hampshire, United States
Alexander Gordon
birth: 15 January 1793, New Hampshire, United States
Daniel Gordon
birth: after 1794, New Hampshire, United States
Elizabeth Gordon
birth: after 1795, New Hampshire, United States

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