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Daniel Kelley Gordon b. 1838 d. 1915

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Lineage Gordon
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Daniel Kelley Gordon

Eliphalet Jr. Gordon [Gordon] b. 16 July 1801 d. 1854

Polly Nicholls Kelley [Kelley] d. 1900


1838 birth: Maine, United States

marriage: Rose Ann Irvin [Irvin]

19 November 1861 child birth: State of Maine, United States, Dudley Johnston Gordon [Gordon] b. 19 November 1861 d. 13 March 1939

1863 military service: Vermont, United States, Vermont Volunteers, Civil War

18 June 1866 child birth: Margaret Burr Gordon (Hanson) [Gordon] b. 18 June 1866 d. 24 February 1934

1915 death: United States


GORDON, DUDLEY (of Daggett Brook) Given by Himself, Recorded by Rose Parker, Dec. 1937 The Museum has two notably fine pieces of handwork,- a miniature logging-sleigh and load of logs, and a miniature logging camp. Both the work and free-will gift of Mr. Dudley Gordon of Daggett Brook. This Gordon family's native hearth is the old state of Maine,-"three generations of lumber-jacks, as they proudly proclaim". The father's name was Daniel Johnston Gordon. He had five children, but only two of them are related to our county history. Daniel Kelly Gordon, the eldest of the five, was born in the state of Maine, and not long after, in the neighboring province of Nova Scoti was born Rosanne Irvin. The two met and were married. Four children were born to them, Daniel, the 34d, Anna Mary, Margaret Burr, and Eliphalet. The two daughters are deceased, one son lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and one in this county. Daniel came to the county in 1897, looked about for awhile and located on a farm near Daggett Brook. Dudley Gordon was also born in Main, November 19, 1861, the year after Daniel 2nd had married. Daniel had enlisted to fight for the North in the Civil War. They had been lving in La Crosse, but he took his family back to Maine, so he could enlist from there,-would not be drafted. He served two years under the command of General Sherman, and marched with him to the sea. "He used to paint it pretty black--the way in which Sherman destroyed the South. "We whipped 'em,-and then destroyed their lands'". The older Daniel was wounded, and carried a 'game knee' for the remainder of his days. "We've always been good, staunch democrats", his son declares, "Although I never was a radical. I think I could put up quite a political argument along those lines whenever the question was presented. And we've always been Presbyterians, too". (By which, it is easy to see these are dyed-in-the-wool Scotch Gordons, if we go far enough back.) Daniel Johnston Gordon died in 1914, and his wife followed, the same year. Both are buried at La Crosse.

From grandparents to grandchildren

William Gordon
birth: 27 March 1768, New Hampshire, United States
Sarah Gordon
birth: 10 August 1770, New Hampshire, United States
Stephen Ladd Gordon
birth: 25 September 1779, New Hampshire, United States
Benoni Gordon
birth: 20 January 1781
Enoch Gordon
birth: 25 August 1785
Abigail Gordon
birth: after 1785, New Hampshire, United States
Clark Whittier Gordon
birth: 21 May 1788, New Hampshire, United States
Nathaniel S. Gordon
birth: 25 December 1791, New Hampshire, United States
Alexander Gordon
birth: 15 January 1793, New Hampshire, United States
Daniel Gordon
birth: after 1794, New Hampshire, United States
Elizabeth Gordon
birth: after 1795, New Hampshire, United States
Eliphalet Gordon
birth: 6 November 1772, United States
marriage: Abigail Smith
death: 29 March 1864, United States
Dudley Kelley
birth: 1761
marriage: Ruth Dow
death: 1836
Eliphalet Jr. Gordon
marriage: Polly Nicholls Kelley
birth: 16 July 1801, United States
death: 1854, United States
Polly Nicholls Kelley
marriage: Eliphalet Jr. Gordon
death: 1900, Ettrick (Wisconsin), United States
== 3 ==
Dudley Kelley Gordon
birth: 7 March 1828
death: 13 July 1877
Sarah Ann Gordon (Hoyt)
birth: 28 June 1835
burial: after 24 December 1904, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA, Decorah Prairie Cemetery
death: 24 December 1904, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA
Daniel Kelley Gordon
birth: 1838, Maine, United States
marriage: Rose Ann Irvin
military service: 1863, Vermont, United States, Vermont Volunteers, Civil War
death: 1915, United States
== 3 ==
Emma Sophia Spangler
birth: 1872
marriage: Dudley Johnston Gordon
burial: 1942, Evergreen Cemetary Superior WI
Dudley Johnston Gordon
birth: 19 November 1861, State of Maine, United States
marriage: Emma Sophia Spangler
death: 13 March 1939, Daggett Brook Township (Crow Wing County Minnesota), United States
Margaret Burr Gordon (Hanson)
birth: 18 June 1866
burial: February 1934, Holmen (Wisconsin), La Crosse County (Wisconsin), USA, Green Mound Cemetery
death: 24 February 1934
Ruth Ester Gates (Baxter?)
birth: 26 September 1900, Wisconsin?, United States
marriage: Daniel Jacob Gordon
death: 24 July 1983, Wisconsin?, United States
Daniel Jacob Gordon
birth: 5 March 1892, New Amsterdam (Wisconsin), Wisconsin, United States
marriage: Ruth Ester Gates (Baxter?)
death: 1 January 1961, Brainerd, Minnesota, United States
Anna Gordon
birth: 1898, New Amsterdam (Wisconsin), Wisconsin, United States
marriage: Ralph Gates
George Edward Wolhart
birth: 10 February 1895, United States
marriage: Margaret Ellen Gordon
Margaret Ellen Gordon
birth: 18 July 1899, New Amsterdam (Wisconsin), Wisconsin, United States
marriage: George Edward Wolhart
Anne Eloise Knuth
birth: 26 July 1898, Cologne, Germany
marriage: Walter William Gordon
death: 3 December 1973, Nisswa, Minnesota, United States, Stroke
Walter William Gordon
birth: 11 January 1897, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA
marriage: Anne Eloise Knuth
military service: 1911, United States, Private in U.S. Army Depot Brigade during World War I
death: 16 September 1963, Brainerd, Minnesota, United States, from Heart Disease
burial: Brainerd, Minnesota, United States, Evergreen Cemetary
Carl Oscar Nelson
birth: 5 July 1898, United States
marriage: Polly Effie Gordon
death: 8 August 1986, United States
Polly Effie Gordon
birth: 20 December 1902, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA
marriage: Carl Oscar Nelson
Robert Lincoln Gordon
birth: 12 February 1904, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA
Edward John Dooley
birth: 29 August 1906, United States
marriage: Sylvia Emma Gordon
death: 29 February 1980, United States
Sylvia Emma Gordon
birth: 25 August 1906, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA
marriage: Edward John Dooley
Richard Gordon
birth: about 1908, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA
death: about 1980, Vancouver (Washington)
Lester Honhart Gordon
birth: 11 January 1913, Galesville (Wisconsin), Trempealeau County (Wisconsin), USA, Family moved to Dagget Brook, Minnesota that year, so Lester could have been born there.
death: 11 February 1979, Breckenridge (Minnesota), Buried at St Marys Cemetary
Emogene F. Gordon (Jelacic, Gideon)
birth: 25 January 1916, Daggett Brook Township (Crow Wing County Minnesota), United States
marriage: Steven (Sr.) Jelacic
death: 19 August 2007, Lakewood (Colorado),
burial: 27 September 2007, Daggett Brook Township (Crow Wing County Minnesota), United States, Pinetree Cemetery

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