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Ellen la Zouche b. about 1286 d. October 1334

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Lineage Zouche
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ellen la Zouche

Alan La Zouche (of Ashby) [Zouche] b. 9 October 1267 d. before 25 March 1314

Eleanor Segrave [Segrave]


about 1286 birth:

8 November 1316 child birth: Kingston Seymour, Somerset (England), Kingston Seymour Manor, Nicholas de St.Maur [Seymour] b. 8 November 1316 d. 8 August 1361

October 1334 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Nicholas Segrave
death: 1295
(Sir) Roger la Zouche (of Ashby)
birth: about 1240
death: before 15 October 1285
Alan La Zouche (of Ashby)
birth: 9 October 1267
death: before 25 March 1314
John Segrave
title: Sir Knight
== 3 ==
Maud la Zouche
birth: about 1290
death: 31 May 1349
Nicholas de St.Maur (Seymour)
death: 8 November 1316
Ellen la Zouche
birth: about 1286
death: October 1334
== 3 ==
Nicholas de St.Maur
birth: 8 November 1316, Kingston Seymour, Somerset (England), Kingston Seymour Manor
death: 8 August 1361, Castle Cary, Somerset (England)
Richard de St.Maur
birth: 1355, Castle Cary, Somerset (England), Notes: Heir to his older brother. Assumed his surname from the name of his estate, Kingston Seymour in Somersetshire, England. Summoned to parliament as “Ricardo Seymour”
death: 15 May 1401, Kingston Seymour Manor, Kingston Seymour & Rode, Somersetshire, England

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