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Margaret Wydville

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Lineage Wydville
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Margaret Wydville

w Richard Wydeville [Wydeville] b. about 1405 d. 12 August 1469

Jacquette de Luxembourg [Luxembourg-Ligny] b. about 1415 d. 30 May 1472

Reference numbers GEDCOM::3258799.ged::INDI @I64291@::Hailey C. Shannon


marriage: Charles Churchill [Churchill] b. about 1430

child birth: William Muston (Churchill of Calais) [Muston]

about 1460 child birth: England, Thomas Churchill [Churchill] b. about 1460

From grandparents to grandchildren

Joan Wydville
birth: 1404, Northamptonshire, England, Grafton
death: 1462, Canterbury (Kent), England, St Augustine
Richard Wydville
birth: before 1405
John II of Luxembourg
birth: 1392
title: 13 1430, Ritter des Ordens vom Goldenen Vlies
death: 5 January 1441, Guise, Picardie
Louis de Luxembourg
birth: 1391, concile de Bâle
title: from 1415 - 1436, Evêque de Therouanne
title: 7 February 1425, Chancelier d'Henri VI d'Angleterre en France
title: from 1436 - 1443, Archevêque de Rouen
occupation: 1437, Angleterre, Administrateur du diocèse d'Ely
title: 18 December 1439, Cardinal-prêtre de IV Santi Coronati
death: 18 September 1443, Hatfield (Hertfordshire)
Pierre Brienne (De Luxembourg)
birth: 1390, Luxembourg
marriage: Marguerite De Baux
title: Comte de Brienne, de Conversano de 1397 à 1433 et de Saint-Pol
title: 10 1430, Ritter des Ordens vom Goldenen Vlies
death: 31 August 1433, Rambures, France, Chateau Rambures
Marguerite De Baux
birth: 1394, Andria, Italy
marriage: Pierre Brienne (De Luxembourg)
death: 1469, France, Cercamp
Richard Wydeville
birth: about 1405, Maidstone (Kent), England
marriage: Jacquette de Luxembourg
death: 12 August 1469, (Executed)
Louis Brienne (/De Luxembourg/)
birth: 1418, Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, France
marriage: Jeanne de Bar
death: 19 December 1475, Paris, France, By Execution
Thibault de Luxembourg
birth: about 1430
marriage: Philipotte de Melun
death: 1 September 1477
Isabelle de Luxembourg-Saint-Pol
marriage: Karl IV von Maine
title: 1443, Comtesse du Maine
title: 1444, Comtesse de Guise
death: 1472
Catherine de Luxembourg-Saint-Pol
title: 2 July 1446, Duchesse de Touraine, Comtesse de Dreux, d'Etampes, de Montfort, d'Ivry et Baronnne de Parthenay
marriage: Arthur III von Bretagne
title: 22 September 1457, Nantes (44), Duchesse de Bretagne
death: 1492
John Lancaster (Duke of Bedford)
birth: 20 June 1389, Kenilworth (England)
title: 1414, Duc de Bedford
marriage: w Anne de Bourgogne , Troyes (Aube)
marriage: Jacquette de Luxembourg , Thérouanne
death: 14 September 1435, Rouen
Jacquette de Luxembourg
birth: about 1415
marriage: Richard Wydeville
marriage: John Lancaster (Duke of Bedford) , Thérouanne
title: 22 April 1433, Thérouanne, Duchesse de Bedford
death: 30 May 1472
== 3 ==
Elizabeth Woodville (Wydville, Wydeville, Widvile)
birth: 1437, Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England
title: 1464, Reine d'Angleterre et Dame d'Irlande
marriage: Edward IV Plantagenet (York)
death: 7 June 1492, London, England, Bermondsey, Abbey
burial: after 7 June 1492, Windsor (Berkshire), St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
Richard Wydville (3rd Earl Rivers)
birth: 1446
death: 6 March 1491
Charles Churchill
birth: about 1430, England
marriage: Margaret Wydville
== 3 ==
Grace Tyller (Tyll)
birth: 1478, Bradford Peverell, Dorset (England)
marriage: Thomas Churchill
death: about 1526, Bradford Peverell, Dorset (England)
William Churchill
birth: 1501
marriage: Mary ? (Cruese, Creuse)
death: 12 March 1598
William Muston (Churchill of Calais)
birth: 1520, Dorset (England)
William Muston (Churchell of Dorchester)
will: 12 March 1599
probate: 18 November 1602
Francis Churchill of Muston (Ensenore Francesco)
residence: about, St. Barbe (Newfoundland and Labrador), Described as a Prince of a Foreign Nation
residence: Kiskiack, Virginia
residence: Secotan/Saguenay, Esmyshichan Plantation, Sassafras Cultivator
death: after 1570

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