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Angelo Adolfo Levi

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Lineage Levi
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Angelo Adolfo Levi

Nina von Worms [Worms] b. 1861

Georgio Levi [Levi] b. 1849

From grandparents to grandchildren

George Worms
birth: 1829
title: Baron von Worms
marriage: Louisa Esther Samuel
death: 1902
Ellen Henriette von Worms
birth: 1836
title: Baroness von Worms
marriage: Adolf Landauer
death: 1894
Henry de Worms
birth: 20 October 1840, London, England
title: Baron de Worms
marriage: Fanny von Todesco
title: from 1895 - 6 January 1903, Baron Pirbright
death: 6 January 1903, Guildford (England), Surrey (England)
Nina von Worms
birth: 1861
title: Baroness von Worms
marriage: Georgio Levi
Georgio Levi
birth: 1849
title: Baron Levi
marriage: Nina von Worms
birth: 1936
== 3 ==
Anthony Levi
birth: 1881
marriage: Margherita Philipson
title: Baron Levi
death: 1944
Emma Levi
birth: 1885
marriage: Louis Louis-Dreyfus
death: 1966
== 3 ==

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