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Nawab Jahan Zeb Banu Begum Sahiba d. March 1705

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Nawab Jahan Zeb Banu Begum Sahiba
Other given names Jani Begum


child birth: Shahzadi Najib Un-nisa Begum Sahiba [Timurids]

child birth: Shahzadi 'Iffat Ara Begum Sahiba [Timurids]

15 January 1669 marriage: Delhi, Mughal Empire, Jahanara Bagh, Muhammad Azam Shah [Timurids] b. 8 July 1653 d. 19 June 1707

16 August 1670 child birth: Agra, Mughal Empire, Sultan Muhammad Bidar Bakht Mirza [Timurids] b. 16 August 1670 d. 19 June 1707

28 December 1671 child birth: Shahzada Jawan Bakht Bahadur [Timurids] b. 28 December 1671 d. before 1707

1 August 1675 child birth: Hasan Abdal, Mughal Empire, Shahzada Sikandar Shan Bahadur [Timurids] b. 1 August 1675 d. 13 April 1677

March 1705 death: Ahmadabad, Mughal Empire


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Muhammad Azam Shah
birth: 8 July 1653, Burhanpur, Mughal Empire
marriage: Piari Khanum
marriage: Rajkumari Ramani Gabharu , Delhi, Mughal Empire
marriage: Nawab Jahan Zeb Banu Begum Sahiba , Delhi, Mughal Empire, Jahanara Bagh
title: from 1678 - 1701, наместник Берара, Мальвы и Бенгалии
marriage: Nawab Shahr Banu Begum Sahiba , Ajmer, Mughal Empire
title: from 1701 - 1707, наместник Гуджарата
title: from 14 March 1707 - 19 June 1707, Mughal Emperor
death: 19 June 1707, Jajuwan, Mughal Empire
Nawab Jahan Zeb Banu Begum Sahiba
marriage: Muhammad Azam Shah , Delhi, Mughal Empire, Jahanara Bagh
death: March 1705, Ahmadabad, Mughal Empire
== 1 ==
Shahzada Wala Jah Bahadur
birth: 5 August 1683, Aurangabad, Mughal Empire
death: 8 June 1707, Mughal Empire, Jajuwan
Shahzada Zi Jah Bahadur
birth: before 18 January 1684
death: before 1707
Shahzada Wala Shan Bahadur
birth: 3 August 1684
death: before 1707
Shahzada Muhammad 'Ali Mirza
birth: 1697
death: 1734, Delhi, Mughal Empire
Nawab Giti Ara Begum Sahiba
birth: 28 November 1685
marriage: 1 November 1709
death: 12 June 1724
Sultan Muhammad Bidar Bakht Mirza
birth: 16 August 1670, Agra, Mughal Empire
marriage: Nawab Sirchuk Nur Begum Sahiba
marriage: Nawab Shams Un-nisa Begum Sahiba , Solapur, Mughal Empire, (Sholapur)
title: from 3 August 1704 - March 1706, Subedar of Malwa
title: from 1 April 1706 - 8 February 1707, Subedar of Gujarat
death: 19 June 1707, Mughal Empire, Jajuwan
Shahzada Jawan Bakht Bahadur
birth: 28 December 1671
death: before 1707
Shahzada Sikandar Shan Bahadur
birth: 1 August 1675, Hasan Abdal, Mughal Empire
death: 13 April 1677, Delhi, Mughal Empire
Shahzada Muhammad Firuz Bakht Mirza
birth: 2 September 1695, Brahmapuri, Mughal Empire
Shahzada Muhammad A'azz ud-Din Bahadur
birth: 1687, Multan, Mughal Empire
marriage: Nawab Said Begum Sahiba
death: 12 January 1745, Delhi, Mughal Empire

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