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John Rockefeller b. 23 November 1742 d. 19 December 1832

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Lineage Rockefeller
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John Rockefeller

Johann Peter Rockenfeller II [Rockenfeller] b. 22 March 1710 d. 1787

Mary Bellis [Bellis] b. 1723 d. 1772

Reference numbers GEDCOM::michaelburton65.ged::INDI @I00512@::Hailey C. Shannon


23 November 1742 birth: Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersey

19 December 1832 death: Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey

From grandparents to grandchildren

Johann Matthias Rockenfeller
birth: 1664, Weid, Germany
death: 6 July 1695, Rengsdorf, Germany
Werner Rockenfeller
birth: about 1667, Weid, Germany
Magdelena Rockenfeller
birth: 1672, Weid, Germany
death: 1682, Segendorf, Germany
Martin Rockenfeller
birth: 1675, Weid, Germany
Johann Wilhelm Rockenfeller
birth: 1675, weid, Germany
death: 1719, Segendorf, Germany
Johann Peter Rockenfeller
birth: 1682, Westerwald, Germany
marriage: Elizabeth Christina Runkel
marriage: Anna Maria Remagen , Germany
census: 1723, immigrated to US
census: 1730, applied for naturalization in Hunterdon Co
census: 8 July 1730, becomes naturalize citizen
death: 6 December 1763, Rocktown, Hunterdon Co, NJ
Anna Maria Remagen
birth: 1684, Segendorf, Westerwald, the Palatinate, Germany
marriage: Johann Peter Rockenfeller , Germany
death: 1719, Segendorf, Westerwald, the Palatinate
Maria Eva Rockenfeller
birth: 17 January 1717, Segendorf, the Palatinate, Germany, /18
Johann Wilhelm Rockenfeller
birth: 19 August 1708, Segendorf, the Palatinate, Germany
death: 1709
Catherina Rockenfeller
birth: 29 January 1712, Segendorf, the Palatinate, Germany, /13
death: February 1712, Segendorf, the Palatinate, /13
Anna Christina Rockenfeller
birth: 6 May 1714, Segendorf, the Palatinate, Germany
Johannes Rockenfeller
birth: 1716, Segendorf, Germany
census: 8 July 1730, becomes naturalized citizen
Ann Rockefeller
birth: 17 June 1724, Sommerset Co, NJ
death: 1771, Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ
Elizabeth Rockefeller
birth: 1725, Somerset Co, NJ
William Rockefeller
birth: 1729, Rocktown, Hunterdon Co, NJ
census: served in NJ Militia during Revolution
census: inherited father's farm
death: 1783, Rocktown, Hunterdon Co, NJ
Elsie Rockefeller
birth: 1727, Somerset County, New Jersey, USA
Catherine Rockefeller
birth: 9 March 1721, Segendorf, Germany, /22
Johann Peter Rockenfeller II
birth: 22 March 1710, Segendorf, Westerwald, Germany, /11
census: 8 July 1730, becomes naturalized citizen
marriage: Mary Bellis
marriage: Elizabeth Peterson
death: 1787, Amwell, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey
Mary Bellis
birth: 1723, Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
marriage: Johann Peter Rockenfeller II
death: 1772, Amwell, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey
== 3 ==
Peter Rockefeller
birth: 1741, Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersey
death: 1806
Godfrey Rockefeller
birth: 1745, Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersey
death: 1818, Snydertown, New Jersey
Henry Rockefeller
birth: 7 March 1746, Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersey, /47
death: 1 February 1841, Alexandria, Hunterdon, New Jersey
William Rockefeller
birth: 1750, Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersey
marriage: Christina Rockefeller , Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey
death: 1793, Livingston, Columbia Co., New York
Jacob Rockefeller
birth: 25 June 1756, Copper Hill, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey
death: 30 November 1813
David Rockefeller
birth: 1759, Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersy
death: 19 July 1833, Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey
Elizabeth Rockefeller
birth: 1761, Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersey
Mary Rockefeller
birth: 1753, Copper Hill, NJ
death: January 1833, Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Co, NJ
census: 8 January 1833, letters of administration issued for her estate
census: 30 November 1839, estate distributed to heirs
John Rockefeller
birth: 23 November 1742, Copper Hill, Hunterdon, New Jersey
death: 19 December 1832, Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey
== 3 ==

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