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Cesare Borgia b. 13 September 1475 d. 12 March 1507

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Lineage Borgia
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Cesare Borgia

Rodrigo Lanzol Borja (Borgia) (Pope Alexander VI) [Borgia] b. 1 January 1431 d. 18 August 1503

w Vannozza Cattanei [Cattanei] b. 1442 d. 24 November 1518

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13 September 1475 birth:

title: duc de Gandie

1499 marriage: Biographie de Charlotte d'Albret : Wikipédia, w Charlotte d'Albret [Albret] b. about 1480 d. 11 March 1514

17 May 1500 child birth: Louise Borgia [Borgia] b. 17 May 1500 d. 1553

12 March 1507 death: Viana (Spain)

From grandparents to grandchildren

Kalixt III
birth: 31 December 1378, Canals (Valencia)
title: from 1429 - 1452, Bischof von Valencia
title: 2 May 1444, Kardinal, [[Person:Eugen IV.]]
title: from 1455 - 1458, Papst
death: 6 August 1458, Rom
Rodrigo Lanzol Borja (Borgia) (Pope Alexander VI)
birth: 1 January 1431, Xàtiva, Kingdom of Aragon
title: from March 1456 - 30 August 1471, кардинал-протодьякон
title: from 22 January 1483 - 12 August 1492, декан Коллегии кардиналов
title: from 11 August 1492 - 18 August 1503, Rome, Pope, Alexander VI
death: 18 August 1503, Rome, Italy
Vannozza Cattanei
birth: 1442, Mantua (Italy)
death: 24 November 1518, Rome, Italy
== 3 ==
Giovanni de Candia Borgia
birth: 1476, Rome, Italy
title: duc de Gandie
title: prince de Tricarico
occupation: gonfalonier de l'Église
occupation: préfet de Rome
marriage: María Enríquez de Luna , Rome, Italy
death: 14 June 1497, Rome, Italy, Murdered
Lucrecia Borgia
birth: 18 April 1480
marriage: w Giovanni Sforza
annulment: w Giovanni Sforza
title: 21 July 1498
marriage: w Alfonso of Aragon , Naples
title: 21 July 1498, Naples, Princesse de Salerne
marriage: Alphonse Ier d’Este (Alfonso Ier)
title: 2 February 1502, Rome, Princesse de Ferrare
title: 15 June 1505, Ferrare, Duchesse de Ferrare, de Modène et de Reggio d'Émilie
death: 24 June 1519, Ferrare
Gioffre Borgia
birth: 1481, Rome
marriage: w Sancha of Aragon , Naples
death: between December 1516 and January 1517, Squillace
Charlotte d'Albret
birth: about 1480
marriage: w Cesare Borgia , Biographie de Charlotte d'Albret : [[wk:fr:Charlotte d'Albret|Wikipédia]]
death: 11 March 1514
Cesare Borgia
birth: 13 September 1475
title: duc de Gandie
marriage: Charlotte d'Albret , Biographie de Charlotte d'Albret : [[wk:fr:Charlotte d'Albret|Wikipédia]]
death: 12 March 1507, Viana (Spain)
== 3 ==
Louis de La Trémoille (Louis II)
birth: between 20 September 1460 and 29 September 1460, Bommiers (36)
title: Sully-sur-Loire (45), seigneur de Sully
title: seigneur de l'Île de Ré
title: seigneur de Marans
title: Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe (49), seigneur de Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe
title: seigneur du Buron
title: seigneur de Saint-Germain
title: seigneur de Briollay
title: seigneur de la Possonnière
title: L'Île-Bouchard (37), seigneur de l'Isle-Bouchard
title: Benon (17), comte de Benon
title: Guînes (62), comte de Guînes
title: Talmont-Saint-Hilaire (85), prince de Talmont
title: Mauléon (79), baron de Mauléon
title: baron de Craon
title: 1481, La Trimouille (86), seigneur de la Trémoille
marriage: Gabrielle de Bourbon-Montpensier
title: 1488, vicomte de Thouars
marriage: Louise Borgia
death: 24 February 1525, Pavie
Louise Borgia
birth: 17 May 1500
marriage: Louis de La Trémoille (Louis II)
title: 7 April 1517, Dame de La Trémoille, de Sully, de l'Île de Ré, de Marans, de Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe, du Buron, de Saint-Germain, de Briollay, de la Possonnière, de l'Isle-Bouchard, Comtesse de Benon, de Guînes, Princesse de Talmont et Baronne de Mauléon et de Craon
title: 3 February 1530, baronne de Busset
marriage: Philippe de Bourbon-Busset
death: 1553
Claude I de Bourbon-Busset
birth: 18 October 1531, Busset (03), Château de Busset
marriage: Marguerite de La Rochefoucauld
title: Busset (03), baron de Busset
title: Busset (03), comte de Busset
title: baron de Puyagut
title: Châlus (87), baron de Châlus
death: 1588

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