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John Strong b. 17 February 1724 d. November 1795

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Lineage Stronge
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John Strong

John Strong [Stronge] b. 1701 d. 1783

Abigail Chappell (Strong) [Chappell] b. 19 October 1704


17 February 1724 birth: Colchester, Connecticut, USA

6 August 1776 military service: Vermont, USA, Enlisted

10 October 1776 military service: Captain

1786 marriage: USA, Deliverance Grant (Cary, Strong) [Grant] b. 17 May 1743 d. 25 May 1810

25 March 1787 child birth: Thetford (Vermont), USA, John Strong [Stronge] b. 25 March 1787 d. 15 January 1867

November 1795 death: Thetford, Vermont, USA

From grandparents to grandchildren

Josiah Strong
birth: 1678, Windsor, Connecticut, USA
marriage: Joanna Gillett (Strong) , Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
death: 1759, Colchester, Connecticut, USA
Joanna Gillett (Strong)
birth: 1680, Simsbury, Connecticut, USA
marriage: Josiah Strong , Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Caleb Strong
birth: estimated 20 February 1713, Colchester, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
marriage: Zerviah Clark , Colchester, New London, Connecticut, USA
death: 22 August 1782, Sharon, New London, Connecticut, USA
John Strong
birth: 1701, Windsor, Connecticut, USA
marriage: Abigail Chappell (Strong) , Colchester, New London, Connecticut, USA
death: 1783, Colchester, Connecticut, USA
Abigail Chappell (Strong)
birth: 19 October 1704, New London, New London, Connecticut, USA
marriage: John Strong , Colchester, New London, Connecticut, USA
== 3 ==
Deliverance Grant (Cary, Strong)
birth: 17 May 1743, Ellington (Connecticut), USA
marriage: Samuel Cary , Hartford (Connecticut), USA, Bolton (Windsor)
marriage: John Strong , USA
death: 25 May 1810, Cincinnati (Ohio), USA
John Strong
birth: 17 February 1724, Colchester, Connecticut, USA
military service: 6 August 1776, Vermont, USA, Enlisted
military service: 10 October 1776, Captain
marriage: Deliverance Grant (Cary, Strong) , USA
death: November 1795, Thetford, Vermont, USA
== 3 ==
Christopher Cary
birth: 1763
marriage: Margaret McCarthy (Cary, Kelley)
death: 1837, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA
Sarah Pearson
birth: 7 April 1793
marriage: John Strong
death: 25 January 1847
John Strong
birth: 25 March 1787, Thetford (Vermont), USA
marriage: Sarah Pearson
death: 15 January 1867, Montgomery County (Ohio), USA
Martha Ann Cary
birth: 17 December 1823
marriage: Eber Pearson Strong
death: 16 April 1872, College Hill, Ohio, USA
Eber Pearson Strong
birth: 16 August 1819, College Hill (Cincinnati), Ohio, USA
marriage: Martha Ann Cary
death: 24 October 1887, College Hill (Cincinnati), Ohio, USA

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