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John Stronge (Strong) b. about 1610 d. 14 April 1699

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Lineage Stronge
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John Stronge
Other last names Strong

John Stronge [Stronge] b. about 1585 d. 14 June 1612

Elinor Deane (Strong) [Deane] b. 1586 d. 24 April 1654


about 1610 birth: Chard, Somerset, England

occupation: Tanner

about 1633 child birth: Chard, Somerset, England, John Stronge (Strong) [Stronge] b. about 1633 d. 20 February 1697

before 1634 marriage: England, Margery Deane [Deane] d. estimated 1635

after 1635 title: Northampton, Massachusettes, USA, Elder

1635 emigration: England to America, Travelled with his family on the ship Hopewell.

1635 child birth: Ψ ? Stronge [Stronge] b. 1635 d. 1635

after 1635 marriage: Abigail Ford (Strong) [Ford]

7 May 1637 child birth: Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA, Jedediah Strong [Stronge] b. 7 May 1637 d. 22 March 1733

1638 child birth: Thomas Strong [Stronge] b. 1638 d. 3 October 1689

14 April 1699 death: Northampton, Massachusettes, USA

From grandparents to grandchildren

George Stronge
birth: about 1553, Chard, Somerset, England
occupation: Tailor
will: 20 November 1627, Witnesses: Thomas Pitte, Sir John Rives, Richard Ray, Thomas Burrage.
death: 1635, Chard, Somerset, England
John Stronge
birth: about 1585, Chard, Somerset, England
marriage: Elinor Deane (Strong) , Taunton, Chard, Somerset, England
death: 14 June 1612, Chard, Somerset, England
burial: 13 July 1612, Chard, Somerset, England
Elinor Deane (Strong)
birth: 1586, South Chard, Somerset, England
marriage: John Stronge , Taunton, Chard, Somerset, England
death: 24 April 1654, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusettes, USA
== 3 ==
Ψ William? Stronge
birth: about 1613, Chard, Somerset, England
Abigail Ford (Strong)
birth: England
emigration: 1630, from England to America
marriage: John Stronge (Strong)
death: USA
Margery Deane
marriage count: before 1634, 1 - John Stronge
marriage: John Stronge (Strong) , England
death: estimated 1635
John Stronge (Strong)
birth: about 1610, Chard, Somerset, England
occupation: Tanner
marriage: Margery Deane , England
title: after 1635, Northampton, Massachusettes, USA, Elder
emigration: 1635, England to America, Travelled with his family on the ship Hopewell.
marriage: Abigail Ford (Strong)
death: 14 April 1699, Northampton, Massachusettes, USA
== 3 ==
Elizabeth Warriner (Strong)
birth: 1626
marriage: John Stronge (Strong)
death: 7 June 1684, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
John Stronge (Strong)
birth: about 1633, Chard, Somerset, England
occupation: after 1635, Tanner
emigration: 1635, from England to America, Travelled with his family on the ship Hopewell.
marriage: Elizabeth Warriner (Strong)
death: 20 February 1697, Windsor, CT, USA
Ψ ? Stronge
birth: 1635
death: 1635, Hingham, Massachusettes, USA
Jedediah Strong
birth: 7 May 1637, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
death: 22 March 1733, Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, USA
Thomas Strong
birth: 1638
death: 3 October 1689, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusettes, USA
Joanna Gillett (Strong)
birth: 1680, Simsbury, Connecticut, USA
marriage: Josiah Strong , Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Josiah Strong
birth: 1678, Windsor, Connecticut, USA
marriage: Joanna Gillett (Strong) , Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
death: 1759, Colchester, Connecticut, USA
Preserved Strong
birth: 29 May 1680
Joseph Strong
birth: 2 December 1672, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusettes, USA
death: 23 December 1763, Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, USA

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