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Robert Beaumont (de Mellent) b. 1142 d. 16 August 1204

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Lineage Beaumont
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Robert Beaumont
Other last names de Mellent

Valeran (Waleran) Beaumont (de Meulon) [Beaumont] b. 1104 d. 1166

Agnes Montfort [Montfort-l'Amaury] b. about 1123 d. 15 December 1181


1142 birth:

title: Earl of Leicester

title: Count de Mёlan

1165 marriage: Maud FitzReynold (Dunstanville) [Dunstanville]

16 August 1204 death: Poitiers

about 1211 child birth: Mabel Beaumont (de Mellent) [Beaumont] b. about 1211


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Marguerite de Clermont
birth: 1104
marriage: Thierry d'Alsace
title: 1115, Dame de Flandre
marriage: w Carl de Danemark (Charles Ier de Flandre)
title: 1128, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 1150
William de Warrenne
birth: before 1071
title: Earl of Surrey, 2nd
marriage: Elizabeth of Vermandois , Sussex (England)
death: 11 May 1138
burial: Lewes (England), Lewes Priory
Elizabeth of Vermandois
birth: about 1085
marriage: Robert de Beaumont (de Meulan)
marriage: William de Warrenne , Sussex (England)
death: 13 February 1131, Lewes (England)
burial: Lewes (England), Lewes Priory
Henri de Beaumont (Warwick)
birth: estimated 1046
title: 1088, Warwick (Angleterre), comte de Warwick, (le premier)
death: 1119
Guillaume de Beaumont (Abbé)
birth: estimated 1050
caste: 1070, abbé du Bec
Albrede de Beaumont (Abbesse)
birth: estimated 1050
caste: estimated 1070, abbesse d'Etone
Robert de Beaumont (de Meulan)
birth: about 1046
marriage: Elizabeth of Vermandois
title: estimated 1070, 1st Earl Leicester
death: 5 June 1118
Robert Ier de Dreux (dit : le Grand)
birth: 1125
marriage: Agnès de Garlande
marriage: Hedwig van Montfort Evreux (Evreux)
title: 1145, Comte du Perche
marriage: Agnes van Baudément
title: 1152, Comte de Dreux, de Braine et Seigneur de Fère-en-Tardenois, d'Arcy, de Nesles, de Longueville, de Quincy-sous-le Mont, de Savigny-sur-Ardres de Beaudement, de Torcy, de Chailly de Longjumeau
death: 11 October 1188
Agnès de Garlande
birth: 1112
marriage: Amaury III de Montfort
title: 1120, Dame de Montfort-l'Amaury et Comtesse d'Evreux
marriage: Robert Ier de Dreux (dit : le Grand)
title: 1139, Princesse de France
death: 1143
Bertrade de Montfort
birth: 1070
title: 1088
marriage: Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin)
title: 1092, Reine des Francs
other: Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin) , Séparation
marriage: Philip I Capet
death: 14 February 1117
Amaury III de Montfort
title: seigneur de Montfort-l'Amaury
title: comte d'Évreux
marriage: Agnès de Garlande
death: 1137
Ada de Warenne
birth: estimated 1123, Surrey (England)
marriage: Henry Huntingdon Dunkeld (of Scotland)
death: 1178, England, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
Robert Le Bossu (Beaumont)
birth: 1104
title: estimated 1135, 2nd Earl Leicester
death: 5 April 1168
William de Warenne
birth: 1118, Vermandois, Normandy, France
marriage: Ela d'Alencon
title: Earl of Surrey, 3rd
death: about 1148
Valeran (Waleran) Beaumont (de Meulon)
birth: 1104
title: estimated 1120, sieur de Beaumont, premier du nom
title: estimated 1120, comte de Meulan
marriage: Mathilde de Blois
death: 1166
Simon de Dreux (Seigneur de la Noue)
birth: 1141
death: before 1182
Agnes Montfort
birth: about 1123
death: 15 December 1181
== 3 ==
Amaury Ier de Meulan
birth: 1150
marriage: Adèle de Luzarches
title: seigneur de Beaumont
death: 1196
Robert Beaumont (de Mellent)
birth: 1142
title: Earl of Leicester
title: Count de Mёlan
marriage: Maud FitzReynold (Dunstanville)
death: 16 August 1204, Poitiers
== 3 ==
William Redvers
marriage: Mabel Beaumont (de Mellent)
death: 10 September 1217, Tiverton (Devon), England
Hawyse de Dunstanville
birth: 1138, Cornwall, England
marriage: Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon)
death: after 21 April 1162
Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon)
title: граф Девон
marriage: Hawyse de Dunstanville
death: 21 April 1162

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