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Mabel Beaumont (de Mellent) b. about 1211

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Lineage Beaumont
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mabel Beaumont
Other last names de Mellent

Maud FitzReynold (Dunstanville) [Dunstanville]

Robert Beaumont (de Mellent) [Beaumont] b. 1142 d. 16 August 1204


about 1211 birth:

child birth: Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon) [Redvers] d. 21 April 1162

marriage: William Redvers [Redvers] d. 10 September 1217

From grandparents to grandchildren

William Atheling
birth: 5 August 1103
title: 5 August 1103, hertog van Normandie
marriage: Матильда
death: 25 November 1120
Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman)
birth: 7 February 1102, London, England
marriage: Heinrich V , Worms (Germany)
title: 25 November 1120, Barfleur, Princesse héritière d'Angleterre
title: 17 June 1128, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France, Notre Dame
marriage: w Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet) , Le Mans
title: 1141, Lincoln (England), Duchesse de Normandie
death: 10 September 1167, Rouen
Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester -
birth: about 1090, Caen
marriage: w Mabel ? (Lady Gloucester)
title: from 1122 - 31 October 1147, Earl Gloucester, 1st
death: 31 October 1147
Henry FitzRoy
death: 1158
Sybilla Norman
birth: 1092
marriage: w Alexander I Dunkeld (of Scotland)
children count: pas de descendance.
death: 12 July 1122
Robert FitzEdith (Lord Okehampton)
marriage: Maud d’Avranches du Sap (de Abrincis) , [[wk:fr:Henri Ier Beauclerc#Avec Edith FitzForne|Wikipédia]]
Reginald de Dunstanville
birth: about 1110, Dénestanville, Normandy, England
title: comte de Cornouailles
marriage: Mabel FitzRichard (Buckenhall)
death: 1 July 1175, Chertsey (Surrey), England
Ada de Warenne
birth: estimated 1123, Surrey (England)
marriage: Henry Huntingdon Dunkeld (of Scotland)
death: 1178, England, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
Robert Le Bossu (Beaumont)
birth: 1104
title: estimated 1135, 2nd Earl Leicester
death: 5 April 1168
William de Warenne
birth: 1118, Vermandois, Normandy, France
marriage: Ela d'Alencon
title: Earl of Surrey, 3rd
death: about 1148
Valeran (Waleran) Beaumont (de Meulon)
birth: 1104
title: estimated 1120, sieur de Beaumont, premier du nom
title: estimated 1120, comte de Meulan
marriage: Mathilde de Blois
death: 1166
Simon de Dreux (Seigneur de la Noue)
birth: 1141
death: before 1182
Agnes Montfort
birth: about 1123
death: 15 December 1181
Beatrix de Vaux
birth: 21 July 1149, Stoke (Plymouth)
death: 24 March 1217, Stoke Canon, Devon (England)
Джон Фиц-Реджинальд
title: граф Корнуолл
death: after 1 July 1175
Hawyse de Dunstanville
birth: 1138, Cornwall, England
marriage: Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon)
death: after 21 April 1162
Amaury Ier de Meulan
birth: 1150
marriage: Adèle de Luzarches
title: seigneur de Beaumont
death: 1196
Robert Beaumont (de Mellent)
birth: 1142
title: Earl of Leicester
title: Count de Mёlan
marriage: Maud FitzReynold (Dunstanville)
death: 16 August 1204, Poitiers
== 3 ==
William Redvers
marriage: Mabel Beaumont (de Mellent)
death: 10 September 1217, Tiverton (Devon), England
== 3 ==
Richard de Redvers (2nd Earl Devon)
title: граф Девон
marriage: Hawyse de Dunstanville
death: 21 April 1162
Baldwin de Redvers (3rd Earl Devon)
birth: about 1160
death: 28 May 1188

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