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(Tewdwr) Tudor Mawr ? (ap Einon, Tegeingl)

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Lineage ?
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) (Tewdwr) Tudor Mawr ?
Other last names ap Einon, Tegeingl

Einon ? (ap Owen, Tegeingl) [?] b. 930 d. 984

Ellenor ? (Verch Gwerstan) [Powys]



child birth: Rhys I ? (ap Tudor Mawr, Tegeingl) [?] d. 1093


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Rhodri ap Hywel
title: from 950 - 953, King of Deheubarth
death: 953, Llandeilo, Deheubarth, Dinefwr Castle, Kingdom of Deheubarth
Edwin ap Hywel
title: from 950 - 954, King of Deheubarth
death: about 954, Llandeilo, Deheubarth, Dinefwr Castle, Kingdom of Deheubarth
Owain ap Hywel
birth: 913, Dynefwr, Kingdom of Deheubarth
title: between 950 and 987, King of Deheubarth
death: 987, Dynefwr, Kingdom of Deheubarth
Nest vch Cadel (of Powys)
birth: 970, Powys, Wales
Maredydd ap Owain (Llandilo)
birth: 938, Llandeilo, Wales, Dynevor Castle
other: between 987 and 999, Prince of Deheubarth
death: 999, Llandeilo, Wales, Dynevor Castle
Einon ? (ap Owen, Tegeingl)
birth: 930
death: 984
Cynfyn ap Gueristan (of Powys)
birth: 1000, Powys, Wales
death: 1025, Powys, Wales
== 3 ==
Cadell ? (ap Einon, Tegeingl)
title: between 1005 and 1018, Prince of Deheubarth
Edwin ? (ap Einon)
title: between 1005 and 1018, Prince of Deheubarth
== 3 ==
Rhys I ? (ap Tudor Mawr, Tegeingl)
title: between 1078 and 1093, Prince of Deheubarth
death: 1093
William FitzWalter (Windsor)
birth: Windsor Castle (Berkshire), England
title: Baron Windsor
death: after 1194, Living in 1194
Henry I of England (Beauclerc)
birth: September 1068, Selby (England), Yorkshire (England)
marriage: Nest ? (vch Rhys, Tegeingl)
title: from 2 August 1100 - 1135, Roi d'Angleterre, New Forest
marriage: w Edith Canmore (of Scotland) , Westminster (England)
title: from 1105 - 1135, Tinchebray, Duc de Normandie
marriage: w Adeliza Brabant
death: 1 December 1135, Lyons-la-Forêt, France, then called : Saint-Denis-en-Lyons
burial: 4 January 1136, Reading (Berkshire), England
Gruffydd ? (ap Rhys)
title: between 1135 and 1137, Prince of Deheubarth
Margaret Corbet
birth: 1170, Cause, Shropshire, England

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