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Flavius Richimir (Richomeres) (de Toxandrie) b. about 350 d. 384

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Lineage Toxandrie
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Flavius Richimir (Richomeres)
Other last names de Toxandrie

w Hermeric ? (Heremigarius) [?] d. 441

Wiki-page wikipedia:Richomeres


about 350 birth:

child birth: Flavius Theudomeres [Gens Flavia]

occupation: Chef Franc

religion: Arian Christian

about 374 child birth: Constantinople, Turkey, Théodemir (Teutomer) de Toxandrie (Flavius Theudomerus Magnus) [Toxandrie] b. about 374 d. 15 August 414

384 death:

to 384 birth: Consul of Rome


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The Elder Richimir. Not to be confused with Flavius Richimir the Younger.

This Richomer served as Consul of Rome with Constantine Clearcus ? (The Consul) (?, ?).

Contemporary of Flavius Merobodus (Modharius) de Toxandrie (Mellobaude (Marobod)) (Marcomanni, b. 320 d. about 388)

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
Flavius Richimir (Richomeres) (de Toxandrie)
birth: about 350
birth: to 384, Consul of Rome
occupation: Chef Franc
religion: Arian Christian
death: 384
== 2 ==
Théodemir (Teutomer) de Toxandrie (Flavius Theudomerus Magnus)
birth: about 374, Constantinople, Turkey
marriage: Blesinde ? (de L'eau de Cologne)
occupation: Chef Franc
death: 15 August 414, Rome, Italy
Flavius Thodomir (Tato) (Amalicus)
birth: about 425
title: from 469 - 474, King of the Ostrogoths
death: 474
birth: about 420
death: about 465
Видимир I
title: from 469 - 474, король остготов
death: 474, Италия

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