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Tiberius Julius Saromates (Suomar) ? (Sunno the Frank) b. 320? d. 401

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Lineage -
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Tiberius Julius Saromates (Suomar) ?
Other last names Sunno the Frank
Other given names Syunik (Albanian), Sunno (French), Sanasar of Mihr (Arabic), Valinak Siak

Tiberius Julius Rhadamsades I ? [Volturi] d. 323

Zenobia ? [?]



320? birth:

marriage: ? (Name not Known) [Mamikonia]

occupation: Général Franco-Allemagne

345? child birth: Septimus Claudius Pharamondus Varasdates (Pharamond) [Mihran/Merovingan] b. 345? d. 398

357? other: Battle of Argentovaria

369 title: Province of Siak, Overtaken by the Persian Empire

401 death:


History of Syunak (A province in dispute between the Roman and Persian Empire)

The first known governor of the province was Valinak Siak (c. 330 - 369) [Sunno the Frank]. The province was occupied by the Persian Empire, c. 369. Siak's successor was his brother Andok (b.c. 340) who was later removed by the Persians in order to establish a more loyal Persian dynasty in his place. However in 379 with the aid of Rome, in particular the Mamikonian emperors, young King Babik (the son of Andok) was re-established as a Roman allied ruler. Babik's mother Pharantzem, daughter of Valinak Siak and acting regent in during the minority of her son Babik, re-married to Gnel, nephew of Arshak II, King of Armenia. This regency lasted for less than ten years until 389.

With the crisis of leadership a vast number of refugees were fled toward the territory occupied by the Franks and Alans who at the time were engaged by Rome as territorial foederati. Under the leadership they florished in a semi organized culturally identified quasi military unit under the leadership of Valinak (c. 400-409) Upon the death of Valinak in 409, leadership of this migrant nation and its military units was assumed by Vasak (409-452) [a son/grandson of Radimistus]. Vasak had two sons, Bagben and Bakur, and a daughter who married Vasak's successor, Varazvahan [Paranzemund](452-472) the son of Valinak Siak. Varazvahan's great grandson [Claudius] Gelehon ruled from 470 to 477 and died in 483. Babik (Bagben) a descendant of Varazvahan's brother in law, became the new king in 477. [Claudius Hadrianus] Hadz, brother of Gelehon, died on September 25, 482.

The original province of Syunik was later ruled by other, related, governors but their kinship ties to Valinak Siak remain uncertain: Vahan c. 570, Philipo c. 580, Stephanos c. 590-597, Sahak c. 597, and Grigor until 640. Almoustine 18:56, 12 January 2013 (EET)

Origin of the Sicambrian Franks

It appears that the migratory people later identified as the Sicambrians who merged with the Franks originated in the territory of Syunak (Siak). And were set in motion in the late 4th century by a series of political battles between the Persian and Roman empires.


Reputed to have been a brother or Brother-in-law of Marcomir (of the Marcomanni) and a relation to Gennobaud (Garmen)

Relative of Fritilas (Gabina, ?)

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Tiberius Julius Rhadamsades I ?
marriage: Zenobia ?
title: 308 ? 323, Prince of the Rosomanian Bosphori
death: 323, 3 pm.
== 3 ==
Tiberius Julius Priarios de Toxandrie (the Parthian)
birth: 324?, from Parthia
marriage: Merowna ? (de Thuringe)
occupation: Roi franc en Toxandrie
death: > May 378?
Tiberius Julius Saromates (Suomar) ? (Sunno the Frank)
birth: 320?
marriage: ? (Name not Known)
occupation: Général Franco-Allemagne
other: 357?, Battle of Argentovaria
title: 369, Province of Siak, Overtaken by the Persian Empire
death: 401
== 3 ==
Argota ? (Cambri de Rosomoni)
birth: 376, França
title: Rainha dos Francos Salianos
residence: wurtemburg
Septimus Claudius Pharamondus Varasdates (Pharamond)
birth: 345?
occupation: Roi de Cologne
religion: Langobard, Salii Priest
title: Prince of Lentienses
title: Orkades, Britain, Dux Romani(in Exhilos)
title: 384 ? 386, Armenia, Roman Foederatus
death: 398
Théodemir (Teutomer) de Toxandrie (Flavius Theudomerus Magnus)
birth: 374?, Constantinople, Turkey
marriage: Blesinde de Cologne
occupation: Chef Franc
death: 15 August 414, Rome, Italy
Clodius (Clovis) Capillatus (Long Hair)
nationality: Franc (Salien)
title: Roi des Francs Saliens, {{Histoire des Francs|Livre=II|Permalien=|Page=}}''"On rapporte aussi qu’alors Chlogion (Clodio), homme puissant et distingué dans son pays, fut roi des Francs ; il habitait Disparg qui est sur la frontière du pays de Tongres"''.
religion: Payen {{Histoire des Francs|Livre=II|Permalien=|Page=}} ''"Mais il paraît que cette race fut toujours adonnée aux cultes idolâtres, et ne connut pas du tout le vrai Dieu. Ils se firent des images des forêts, des eaux, des oiseaux, des bêtes sauvages et d’autres objets, et s’accoutumèrent à les adorer, leur offrant des sacrifices."''.
residence: Dispargum castrum (suivants les uns, Duisbourg sur le Rhin ; suivant d’autres, Duysborch, entre Louvain et Bruxelles ; ou Dietz, ou Diestheim. Rien de certain à cet égard.)
other: 445, Cambrai (59), Empire romain, S'ampare de la Ville de Cambrai, prise au Romains {{Histoire des Francs|Livre=II|Permalien=|Page=}} ''"Chlogion, ayant envoyé des espions dans la ville de Cambrai et ayant fait examiner tout le pays, défit les Romains et s’empara de cette ville. Après y être demeuré quelque temps, il conquit le pays qui s’étend jusqu’au fleuve de la Somme."''.
Adelbertus (Athelbert) de Moselle
birth: 405, Westphalia, Germany
death: 491
title: 491, Duque de Moselle
Fredemund de Nuestria
birth: 390, Nobre
occupation: Witness of the law of Gundobad

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