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Marietta Hesshaimer

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Lineage Hesshaimer
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Marietta Hesshaimer


1962 child birth: Vago [?] b. 1962

1966 child birth: Christoph [?] b. 1966

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Charles Augustus Lindbergh
birth: 4 February 1902, Detroit (Michigan)
marriage: Brigitte Hesshaimer
occupation: Aviator
other: between and, First person to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean
other: 1927, Named the inaugural Time Man of the Year
marriage: Anne Spencer Morrow , Englewood (New Jersey), Bergen County (New Jersey)
death: 26 August 1974, Kipahulu (Hawaii)
== 1 ==
Anne Spencer Lindbergh
birth: 2 October 1940
death: 10 December 1993, Thetford, VT
Charles Augustus Lindbergh , Jr.
birth: 22 June 1930, Englewood (New Jersey), Bergen County (New Jersey)
other: 1 March 1932, Kidnapped by Bruno Hauptmann
death: 12 May 1932, Hopewell (New Jersey)
birth: 1962
birth: 1966

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