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Wolfert II van Borselen b. estimated 1280 d. between 6 April 1317 and 30 May 1316

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Lineage Borsselen
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Wolfert II van Borselen

w Wolfert I van Borselen [Borsselen] b. estimated 1245

Sibylle van Praet (van Randerode) [van Praet] b. before 1253 d. 1292

Wiki-page wikipedia:nl:Wolfert II van Borselen


estimated 1280 birth:

1312 marriage: Aleid van Henegouwen [Henegouwen] b. estimated 1290 d. after 12 June 1351

about 1313 child birth: Wolfert III van Borselen [Borsselen] b. about 1313 d. June 1351

between 6 April 1317 and 30 May 1316 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Hendrik Wisse van Borselen
birth: estimated 1210
marriage: Clarissa van Gavere
death: between 1271 and 1266
Raas van Gavere
birth: estimated 1255
Frank van Praet
marriage: Nn van Zandijk
death: 4 July 1253, Slag bij Westkapelle
Jan Mulart van Borselen
birth: estimated 1265
== 3 ==
Claes van Borselen
birth: estimated 1295
death: 1367
burial: Tertianenklooster van Middelburg
Aleid van Henegouwen
birth: estimated 1290
marriage: w Wolfert II van Borselen
death: after 12 June 1351
Wolfert II van Borselen
birth: estimated 1280
marriage: Aleid van Henegouwen
death: between 6 April 1317 and 30 May 1316
== 3 ==
Hadewich Both van der Eem
birth: estimated 1330
marriage: Wolfert III van Borselen
death: before 1371
burial: Dom van Utrecht
Jan van Heenvliet
birth: estimated 1330, Heenvliet
marriage: Aleida van Borselen
death: before 29 August 1387
Aleida van Borselen
birth: about 1343
marriage: Jan van Heenvliet
death: 26 August 1414

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