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Jermaine La Juane Jackson, Jr. b. 27 January 1977

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Lineage Jackson
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Jermaine La Juane Jackson, Jr.

Jermaine LaJaune Jackson [Jackson] b. 11 December 1954

Hazel Gordy (Jackson) [Gordy] b. 1955


27 January 1977 birth:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Joseph Walter Jackson
birth: 26 July 1929, Fountain Hill (Arkansas), USA
marriage: w Katherine Esther Screws (Jackson) , Crown Point (Indiana), USA
divorce filed: w Katherine Esther Screws (Jackson)
Katherine Esther Screws (Jackson)
birth: 4 May 1930, Barbour County (Alabama), USA
marriage: Joseph Walter Jackson , Crown Point (Indiana), USA
divorce filed: Joseph Walter Jackson
Maureen Reillette Jackson (Brown)
birth: 29 May 1950, Gary (Indiana), USA
marriage: Nathaniel Brown
Marlon David Jackson
birth: 12 March 1957, Gary (Indiana), USA
marriage: Carol Parker (Jackson)
Brandon Jackson
birth: 10 March 1957, Gary (Indiana), USA
death: 10 March 1957, Gary (Indiana), USA
Joh'Vonnie Jackson
birth: 30 August 1974
== 3 ==
Autumn Joy Jackson
birth: 10 July 1978
Jaimy Jackson
birth: 17 March 1987
Jeremy Jackson
birth: 26 December 1986
Jourdyn Jackson
birth: 5 January 1989
Jaffar Jackson
birth: 25 July 1996
Jermajesty Jackson
birth: 5 December 2000
Jermaine La Juane Jackson, Jr.
birth: 27 January 1977
== 3 ==

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