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Pedro de Cantabria d. 730

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Lineage Astur
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Pedro de Cantabria
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child birth: Hija Pérez [Astur]

child birth: w Fruela Pérez [Astur]

child birth: Alfonso I de Asturias [Astur] d. 757

title: Duque de Cantabria

730 death:


supuestamente hijo de Ervig d'Ardabast (Ardabast, b. estimated 655 d. 15 November 687)

[edit] Sources

  1. BRADFORD DFA X-4 - Stamtrad Over Europa's Furstehus: Ake Olmark

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Pedro de Cantabria
title: Duque de Cantabria
death: 730
== 1 ==
Alfonso I de Asturias
marriage: Ermesinda
title: between 739 and 757, Rey de Asturias, 3°
death: 757
Fruela Pérez
birth: Duque de Cantabria
marriage: Téllez , Menina
birth: Álava
marriage: w Fruela I
Fruela I
birth: 722
marriage: Munia
title: between 757 and 768, Asturias, Rey de Asturias, 4°
death: 768, Cangas de Onís
Silo ? (de Asturias)
marriage: w Adosinda
title: between 774 and 783, Rey de Asturias, 6°
death: 783, Pravia
marriage: Silo ? (de Asturias)
title: between 774 and 783, Reina de Asturias
Mauregato de Asturias
title: between 783 and 789, Asturias, España, Rey de Asturias, 7°
death: 789, Asturias, España
Aurelio de Asturias
birth: calculated 740
title: between 768 and 774, Rey de Asturias, 5°
death: 774, San Martín del Rey Aurelio
Vermudo I de Asturias
marriage: Numila
title: between 789 and 791, Rey de Asturias, 8°
Ruy Floraz
title: Conde de Lantarón

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