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Afonso Sanches b. 1286 d. 1329

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Lineage Sanches
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Afonso Sanches
Other given names Dom Afonso Sanches

Denis of Portugal [Burgundy-Portugal] b. 9 October 1261 d. 7 January 1325

Aldonça Rodrigues Talha [Talha]


1286 birth:

title: Senhor de Albuquerque, Albuquerque, Espanha

calculated 1310 child birth: João Afonso de Albuquerque [Albuquerque] b. calculated 1310 d. 28 September 1354

1329 death: Sepultado no Convento de Santa Clara, Vila do Conde


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Sancho II
birth: about 8 September 1209, Coimbra, Portugal, ? ou 1210 ?
title: from 25 March 1223 - 24 July 1245, ?, Portugal, Rei de Portugal, 4º
death: 4 January 1248, Toledo, Castela, Espanha
burial: about, Catedral de Santa Maria, Toledo, Espanha
Eleanor de Portugal
birth: 1211
title: 24 June 1229, Reine associée du Danemark
marriage: Waldemar III of Denmark
death: 1231
Beatriz de Castilla (Guzmán)
birth: 1244, Zaragoza, Aragón
marriage: Afonso III of Portugal
death: 27 October 1303
Mathilde de Boulogne
birth: 1202
title: 1206, Princesse de France
marriage: Philippe de France
title: 1235, Princesse du Portugal
marriage: Afonso III of Portugal
divorce: Afonso III of Portugal
death: 1259
Afonso III of Portugal
birth: 5 May 1210
marriage: Madragana Ben Aloandro
marriage: Mathilde de Boulogne
title: from 1238 - 1247, Conde de Bolonha, jure uxoris
divorce: Mathilde de Boulogne
title: from 4 January 1248 - 16 February 1279, King of Portugal and the Algarves, 5th
marriage: Beatrice of Castile
death: 16 February 1279
Sanche de Castille (Sanche IV)
birth: 12 May 1258, Séville
marriage: w María Alfonso de Molina y Mesa , Tolède
title: 4 April 1284, Séville, Roi de Castille et de Leon
other: 12 June 1284, Séville, Couronnement
death: 25 April 1295, Tolède
Fernan de la Cerda
birth: 4 January 1255, Séville
title: 4 January 1255, Séville, Comte de la Cerda
marriage: Blanche de France , Burgos
death: 25 July 1275, Allariz
Хуан Кастильский
birth: between 15 May 1260 and 25 July 1260
marriage: w Marguerite Isabelle de Montferrat
title: сеньор де Валенсия де Кампос
death: 25 June 1319
Fernan de Castille
birth: about 1250
death: about 1250
Berenguela de Castille
birth: 10 October 1253
death: 1284
Constanza de Castille
birth: 1258
death: 23 July 1280
Pedro de Castille
birth: 1260
title: 1260, Seigneur de Ledesma, de Alba de Tormes, de Saleantrera, de Galisto et de Miranda
death: 20 October 1283
Isabel de Castille
birth: January 1263
death: December 1264
Jaime de Castille
birth: about 1266
title: 1266, seigneur de Los Cameros
death: 9 August 1284
Eleanor de Castille
birth: 1257
death: 1275
Мартин Альфонсо Кастильский
title: аббат в Вальядолиде
Beatrice of Castile
birth: 1242, Zaragoza, Spain
marriage: Afonso III of Portugal
title: 1254, Reine du Portugal
death: 27 October 1303
Martim Afonso
birth: about 1250, Faro (Portugal)
death: after 1313
Elizabeth of Aragon
birth: 1271
title: 24 June 1282, Queen Consort of Porgugal
marriage: Denis of Portugal
death: 4 July 1336, Estremoz, Portugal
Denis of Portugal
birth: 9 October 1261
title: from 16 February 1279 - 7 January 1325, King of Portugal and the Algarves, 6th
marriage: Elizabeth of Aragon
death: 7 January 1325
== 3 ==
Constanza de Portugal
birth: 3 January 1290, Coimbra
title: Infante de Portugal
marriage: Fernando IV de Castilla , Valladolid
title: 23 January 1302, Valladolid, Reine de Castille et de Leon
death: 18 November 1313, Sahagún (Espagne)
Afonso IV of Portugal
birth: 8 February 1291, Lisbon (Portugal), Portugal
marriage: Beatrice de Castille , Lisbon, Portugal
title: from 7 January 1325 - 28 May 1357, King of Portugal and the Algarves, 7th
death: 28 May 1357, Lisbon (Portugal), Portugal
Afonso Sanches
birth: 1286
title: Senhor de Albuquerque, Albuquerque, Espanha
death: 1329, Sepultado no Convento de Santa Clara, Vila do Conde
== 3 ==
João Afonso de Albuquerque
birth: calculated 1310
title: 6º senhor de Albuquerque
death: 28 September 1354, Medina del Campo
Maria Afonso de Albuquerque
birth: 1340
death: October 1429

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