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Alice FitzWilliam (de Warenne) b. 15 June 1287 d. 23 May 1338

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Lineage Warren
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Alice FitzWilliam
Other last names de Warenne

William de Warenne [Warren] b. 1256 d. 9 December 1286

Joanna FitzRobert (de Vere) [DeVere] d. 21 November 1293


15 June 1287 birth: England, Warren, Surrey

1306 child birth: w Richard FitzAlan [Arundel] b. 1306 d. 24 January 1326

23 May 1338 death:


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  • Warren, Surrey

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard van Engeland
birth: 5 January 1209
marriage: Sancha van Aragon Provence
marriage: Sancha van Aragon Provence , Westminster (England), Westminster Abbey
marriage: Beatrix von Falkenburg
death: 2 April 1272, Berkhemstead
Henry III Plantagenet
birth: 1 October 1207, Winchester (England)
title: from 18 October 1216 - 16 November 1272, King of England
other: 28 October 1216, Londres, Sacre
marriage: Eleanor Berenger (de Provence) , Canterbury (Kent)
death: 16 November 1272, Westminster (England)
Isabella of England
birth: 1214
marriage: Frederick II Roger Hohenstaufen , Worms (Germany)
death: 1 December 1241, Foggia
Eleonore Plantagenet
birth: about 1215
marriage: William Marshall
marriage: Simon V de Montfort (6. Earl of Leicester) , Westminster (England)
death: 13 April 1275
Joan of England
birth: 22 July 1210
death: 4 March 1238
Hugh XI de Lusignan
birth: 1218
title: Comte de la Marche
title: Comte d'Angoulême
marriage: Yolanda Dreux
death: 1250
Geoffroi de Lusignan (de Jarnac)
title: Seigneur de Jarnac
death: between 1272 and 1274
William de Valance (Lord of Pembroke, Valence, Montignac, Bellac, Uterine Brother of King Henry III of England.)
birth: 1225
property: Lord of Pembroke, Valence, Montignac, Bellac
death: 18 May 1296
Alice FitzHugh Le Brun (de Lusignan)
birth: 1224
death: 9 February 1256
William de Warenne
birth: 1256, England
marriage: Joanna FitzRobert (de Vere)
death: 9 December 1286, England
Joanna FitzRobert (de Vere)
birth: Oxford (England)
marriage: William de Warenne
death: 21 November 1293
== 3 ==
Edmund FitzAlan
birth: 1 May 1285
title: 1306, Earl of Arundel
death: 17 November 1326
Alice FitzWilliam (de Warenne)
birth: 15 June 1287, England, Warren, Surrey
death: 23 May 1338
== 3 ==
Eleanor Plantagenet
birth: about 1315
marriage: w Richard FitzAlan
death: 11 January 1372
Richard FitzAlan
birth: 1306
marriage: Eleanor Plantagenet
death: 24 January 1326
title: 1330, Earl of Arundel
John FitzAlan (de Arundel)
birth: 1348
title: 1377, Baron of Arundel
death: 16 December 1379
Alice (FitzAlan) ? (Arundel)
birth: about 1350
marriage: Thomas Holland
death: 17 March 1416

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