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Gorm I Frodasson (Enske) b. 820 d. 890

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Lineage Ring
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gorm I Frodasson
Other last names Enske

Frode Knutsson [Ring] b. before 835 d. 885

Asloega (Lidia) (Lida) Helgisdotter [Dagling] b. after 835



820 birth: Hord, Jutland, Denmark

child birth: Harald Gormsson (Parcus) [Ring]

890 death:


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  • Hord, Jutland, Denmark

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[edit] Sources

  1. Chronologia Danica, qua 1. Noachidarum series exhibetur, 2. Judicum Cimbriae & Gothiae anni recensentur, et III. serenissimorum ac potentissimorum Daniae regum tempora, a prima regni origine ad annum Christi [1650], dynastiis VIII, diriguntur... conscripta a Johanne Jani Svaningio... Hans Jensen Svaning, Martzan typis & sumptibus Melchioris Martzan, 1650 - -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Harthacanute Eriksson
birth: 814, Hord, Jutland, Denmark
death: 884, Zealand, Denmark
Frode Knutsson
birth: before 835, Zealand, Denmark
death: 885
== 3 ==
Sidhe ?
birth: 845, Swyddiod
death: Denmark
Gorm I Frodasson (Enske)
birth: 820, Hord, Jutland, Denmark
death: 890
== 3 ==

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