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Warine Hesdin (d'Hesding, Heston, d'Esting) b. 1065

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Lineage Hesdin
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Warine Hesdin
Other last names d'Hesding, Heston, d'Esting

Ranulf Hesdin (d'Hesding, Heston, d'Esting) [Hesdin] b. 1010 d. before 1073

Emmalina Mortain [Conteville] b. 1040


1065 birth:

child birth: Lady Bussel FitzWarine [Warine]

1080 child birth: Shropshire, England, Adelize or Ameline FitzWarine (Hesdin) [Hesdin] b. 1080 d. 1126

From grandparents to grandchildren

Alan Dedol (Bretagne, de Dinan, Fleance)
birth: 1020, Dol-de-Bretagne, France
title: Senescal Of Dol and Dinan
Llewellyn apGruffydd
title: Lord Snowdon
title: between 1194 and 1240, Prince of Aberffraw
Nesta Verch Gruffydd
birth: 1024, Deheubarth, Wales
William I FitzRobert (The Conqueror)
birth: 14 October 1025, Falaise (Calvados), France
title: from 3 July 1035 - 9 September 1087, Duke of Normandy
marriage: Matilda of Flanders (de Flandres) , Eu (Seine-Maritime), Normandy, France
title: from 14 October 1066 - 9 September 1087, King of England
death: 9 September 1087, Rouen, France
Odo von Bayeux
birth: after 1030
death: 1097, Palermo
Robert de Burgh (Le Bello Campo)
birth: 1031, Conteville (Calvados), France
title: Count de Mortain
death: 8 December 1090, Roches, France
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Abbaye de Grestain
Maude de Montgomery
birth: estimated 1045, Montgomery (Powys)
death: about 1085
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Grestain Abbey
Fledalus (Fleance) DeDol (Dinan, Bretagne, Norman)
birth: 1046, Dol-de-Bretagne, France
death: 1080
Nesta FitzOsbourne
birth: before 1058
Ranulf Hesdin (d'Hesding, Heston, d'Esting)
birth: 1010, France, Estaing
death: before 1073, France
Emma Mortaigne
birth: estimated 1050
William IV Toulouse
birth: about 1040
marriage: Emmalina Mortain
death: 1094, Huescar
Emmalina Mortain
birth: 1040, France, Pas de Calais, Normandy
birth: 1094, France, Pas De Calais
marriage: William IV Toulouse
== 3 ==
Philippa Mathilde van Toulouse
birth: about 1073
marriage: William IX van Poitiers
death: 28 November 1117, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, (Fontevrault)
Aveline de Hesdin
birth: 1063, France, Dol, Normandy
Matilda FitzArulph (Hesdin)
birth: 1057, Toddington (Bedfordshire), England
death: 1133, Kempsford, Gloucestershire, England
Ranulph Hesting
death: 1094, Toddingham (Bedfordshire), England
== 3 ==
Alan FitzFlaad (deDol, Dinan)
birth: 1080, Dol-de-Bretagne, France, Probably
title: Lord of Oswestry
death: 1114, Oswestry, Shropshire, England, Oswaldestre
Adelize or Ameline FitzWarine (Hesdin)
birth: 1080, Shropshire, England
death: 1126, Shropshire, England
Simon FitzAlan (Dedol)
birth: before 1114
Walter Fitz Alan (Stewart)
birth: 1106, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Paisley Abbey
title: from 1150 - 1177, High Steward of Scotland
death: 1177, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Paisley Abbey
William Fitz Alan (Dinan)
birth: 1105, Oswestry, Shropshire, England
marriage: Isabel de Say
title: Lord of Oswestry
death: 1160
Jordan FitzAlan
birth: 1103

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